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I am doing that to my stamps too! I am using Aleen's though! You will be surprised how much space you save by putting them in CD Cases! I am loving it! And all those cards are cute & simple! Thanks for sharing!

Trish Hoffman



The cards are wonderful. Look like they will be easy. Not so sure about unmounting stamps. However, like everyone else it sure would save some space.


When working with your older stamps, why don't you just stamp the paper with the stamp in black ink for the cover especially if you don't have a photocopier! Can you remove the label from the old plastic container to use again?


Adelle... stamp my older stamps on a plain piece of paper instead of photocopying... now why didn't I think of that! sometimes I amaze myself! and im hoping i can take off the old strip from my plastic box and put that on the spine... good suggestion!


What are you doing with all of your old boxes and wood?


Adelle- good question about what am I doing with my old cases and wooden blocks... I'm putting mine in the burnable/recycling bins. I've seen discussions around what people are doing with them... some are even selling their wooden blocks on a local auction site!

Lynn Hayes

Thanks so much for the instructions (and tricks). I'm also thinking of doing this and now I know more about how to do it!!! Thanks again.


I tried your method and it works beautifully. I too am waiting for cases to complete the project. Will the glue last forever or will this have to be done at a later date? I have put the stamp on probably 20 times and it still works. Just wondering if you know! The hoarder in me is finding it difficult to let go of the blocks and boxes. Pray for me to release them!!!!!


Adelle. thank you! I'm so pleased it works for you... Yep... you will have to add a little more tombow eventually... but so far, like you, mine are sticking well right now.
Now... take the clamshell box... take the little pieces of wood... walk to the recycling/burnable bin...open the lid... kiss your clamshell box and tell it how wonderful it has been for you... then throw it in the can and slam the top before you change your mind :-)


I can also sing "Release Me!"Oh joy!


Jaydee, Thanks so much for the great idea & instructions. I will definately do this for the Thoughts & Prayers that is on my "wish list" I hate the dbl. mounted stamps!

I have the cases ordered too, so I will have to order a few more sets this means!

I just love your blog & ideas! Beth

Adelle Yonan

I found this site. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmchVZW01s0&feature=channel What do you think?


What are you doing with stamps that do not have a plastic label?

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