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Kim P

Seriously cute card! I have never made hybrid cards...but this convinces me that I should try! Love the added bling! Thanks for playing the Friday Mashup!


You KNOW I'm a sucker for a snowman. ;o) What a fun card. The mixed bling is just perfect. :o)

Congratulations, Lizzie! That glimmer paper is too wonderful!

You're most certainly welcome for that push off the deep end into the elf world. :oP It is fun, no? I just hope your busy boy left you a bite of that decadent looking cake!

Will you be posting a photo of your hole in the ground? It IS a big milestone.

Ah, what do I want for Christmas? When I was little, I would sit with the catalog and go through the toy section page by page, recording name, item number, price and page number to help Santa out.

Now? Now I just don't know. I HATE it when people ask me what I want for Christmas as the things I want aren't necessarily things that are going to happen any time soon--an end to poverty world wide, clean water for those in need, an end to famine and hunger and starvation. I guess just wish for social justice.

Alas, since I don't see those things happening any time soon, let's go for some material goods. ;o) Some Copics might be nice. Or, something loverly from Pottery Barn--I could deck my house in Pottery Barn, I really could. I'm in LOVE with their reindeer dinnerware. :o)

Oh, and there is a wonderful artist local to the Blacksburg area who creates marvelous works that look like home--Robert Tuckwiller. I would love one of his prints. Hm. That seems like a long enough list, lol!

Lou, I hope you are traveling safely. May the pigs of "Wreck the Halls" perish quickly. ;o)

Prayers and hugs for those in need.

Darlene L

Love your snowman and all the little accents for snowflakes--very nicely done. I am such a happy subscriber to your blog--so that way I won't miss a post or a new Buzbee story.

What I want for Christmas, is to have all the family here for our family party. We think it will be the last Christmas my mom will be able to be at home.

If Santa sees fit, I would like a couple of new pans for my kitchen.


I can never have enough snowman stamps...this is really nice. Love the mixed bling. Never thought of mixing them together. I've been wanting to replace our couch and thought this Christmas may be it...is Santa reading this???


Too fuuny, the little guy eating your goodies!

For Christmas I would like my two fighting daughters to make up and be friends again. Sadness going on between them. Other than that, anything Stampin'Up! is fine with me!

Janna B.

You're really enabling me to feel like I should do some digital scrapbooking... err... card making! You make it look so easy!
And I'm really loving Buzbee. I'm creative-to an extent- but you (again) make it look so easy!
So exciting to be breaking ground! Such a fun time! It goes fast.
For Christmas, i would love for people to not overindulge in the commercialism of the holiday and help out those that really need the help. Although, I do have my eye on a cute new laptop bag too. ;)
I pray that everyone enjoys their time with family and friends and that we never forget the real reason for the season!!

Kasey ~ in Oz

Hi Jaydee, Love all that sparkely snow on your card. Thanks for joining our cahllenge this week.

Kasey ~ in Oz
Friday Mashup DT


I was just talking about that bread earlier today! I've never tried it, but now I'll be on the lookout for the chocolate covered one! :) I love your snowman; the mix of pearls and rhinestone snow looks wonderful!

This is the first year I haven't had a real Christmas wish list. I have packages under the tree, but no idea what the husband picked out! So I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised. lol

Sally A. Davis

Thanks so much for the hint on taking the backing off the glimmer paper. Just yesterday I tried to cut out that same snowflake and no matter what I did, it would not cut thru. I had to change what I was using. So, now I know to take the backing off. Wonder why that is that way. Glad to get the mystery solved. My wish for Christmas is a Kindle. Blessings to you.

laura j

love the card! blue and white are my favorite holiday card colors!!! laura j

Pat P.

Cute card, love the snow bling. I would like a laptop for Christmas for my craft room, then I would not have to go into other room where computer is to research all the wonderful ideas on cardmaking and of course, Buzbee's latest excurions. Happy Holidays!

Linda U

love your snowman card. and Buzbee is a hoot! You always amaze and entertain us!


This is super cute and I love that sparkly Snowflake you added.. How excited to be starting the build on a new home! Great X-Mas gift! Thanks for joining us at the Friday Mashup!

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