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Darlene L

What a fun contest. I will take a wild stab as I have no idea what it could be. I am going to guess that it is made from plastic bottles. Have a great week.


Well, it just might be made from crushed wine bottles of different colors. hee, hee. That would account for the variations of color.


Recycled paper? Anyway, your house looks great. I'm amazed by how you do so much! I'm so impressed.

Ann R

Exciting progress! I think the bar is made of ...um ... thinking .... ah ... crushed brick? No idea! Can't wait to find out. Wish I lived closer so I could help you out in your adventure.

Marilyn W.

Let's try newsprint for the bar. You're going to just love being in your new home. Good idea for the cats to be on vacation while all the changes are taking place. You sure wouldn't want to have one of them take off on their own during all of this. Much happiness in your new place.

kathy t

I believe it is made from old tires. Not a glamorous guess but it is green :-)

Sally A. Davis

I am going to guess recycled glass. But whatever it is, it is beautiful. Thanks for keeping up posted on the moving progress. So much work.....so little time!

Pamala Smith

The bar is beautiful my guess is milk jugs.

Pat P.

My guess would be newspaper or plastic bags. The new house looks gorgeous and enjoy seeing all the pictures. The siding looks alot like mine.

Marge Penley

I think the recycled things used are sawdust and plastic soda bottles combined for strength.

Can hardly wait for more pictures of the house. You must be exhausted.


Karen Nash

I think maybe recyled paper. I just love seeing pics of your new house. Much happiness in your new adventures.


could it be aluminum cans or other types of aluminum?


Another thought, porcelain, mirrors, glass & stone? We have carpet made from recycled pop bottles & it's so nice & soft. Love it! Now I know we can look for recycled countertops for the next big project.
Good luck with all your moving!


I'm going for silly here, since my serious guess has been used already. Your bar top is made from sanitized fish scales, one can see that in the little bits of sparkle and the very thin layers. What an awesome green invention it is and a lovely fixture to keep the purrballs entertained as well. Great addition to your home Jaydee!

Beth Rigden

Well, I tried to do a little research and be creative at the same time for a good answer! The most amazing thing I read was that fly ash and even sunflower seed hulls can be used in making recycled countertops! So I am going with sunflower seed hulls for my answer! It sounds very Jaydee-ish! If I was allowed a guess on my own, without the benefit of google, I would say plastic bags! I will be waiting patiently to see the correct answer! Have fun with your move!

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