Happy Friday and greetings from Cape Town. Yep... we are back here :-) It's another INSPO challenge across at Festive Friday this week and we are celebrating all the wonderful bright colors and happy symbols of Cinco de Mayo. For me, it was the perfect opportunity to bring out some old My Favorite Things dies and make up some delicious looking cocktails. Oh.. yeah... and apologies that it's a slimline - but... seriously... for this card, it just had to be! :-) Here's a sneak peek: Our theme maybe Cinco de Mayo but, as always, you don't need to follow... Read more →

Happy Wednesday and greetings from off the coast of South Africa where the winds are gale force and the seas have swells around 25 feet! It's been a rocky night and morning, but no where near as bad as the TransAtlantic crossing in January! After the incredibly calm and flat seas we have had, I suppose we had to have this sort of weather at some point. As I write this I am watching the swells rising outside of my cabin and, even though it is really hard to see just how big they are, you can tell from the... Read more →