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Halloween Hoot - Sweet Center Witch and Branch Out Forest Scene

Hi Everyone.  Happy Monday!
Two for the price of one visit tonight.  PalspaperArts Challenge 5 is a theme challenge - Halloween.  Well... those of you who visit often know that I couldn't resist this one!  Stampin' Up! has created some fantastic Halloween sets this year, but Halloween Hoot is the one I decided to invest in.  It really appealed to my sense of the ridiculous - and my cards reflect that. :-) You can see my Halloween Hoot collection herePpalshw1witch
Here are the two new ones for tonight.  

I couldn't resist using the Sweet Centers  - hot hair balloon basket again.  A little twist of the unexpected .....This time the witch is powering the basket :-)  I drew the witch with her hair flying and her cape flowing behind her with the bottom of her legs and cape inside the basket of the Hot Air Balloon.  I cut her out, and then stamped the hot air balloon from sweet centers and attached the hot air balloon with Stampin' Dimensionals.  I then attached the whole thing to the card with Stampin' Dimensionals - to give dimension not only for the witch, but also for the basket.  Jaydee tip 1: I colored her in with Basic Black Marker, because I wanted the variation of colors and more of a texture to reflect the light from the moon.  I wouldn't have gotten that same effected if I had drawn her on black paper and cut it out.    I like the fact that the circle in the basket was reflected in the circles in the paper and in the sentiment.  Fun :-)

The second card is a forest scene.  Again from the Halloween Hoot set - minus the witch.  Don't forget, she's just taken off in a hot air balloon and left the rest of the animals from the set alone to get up to no good :-)

Ppalshwscene2 I decided to create a much bigger moon this time and put the frog in the tree, as though he had been left to watch over whatever is brewing in the cauldron.  The wise old owl always looks as though he's been imbibing too much of whatever is in the cauldron :-)  The tree is from the Branch Out set.  All other items are from the Halloween Hoot set.  Jaydee tip 2:  When you stamp the Branch Out tree it provides a line for the ground line.  I extended that under the cauldron with black marker to ground the cauldron.

You'll notice I also turned the sign upside down to hang it from the tree. 

Jaydee tip 3:  I needed to highlight the tree - to reflect the light from the very bright moon.  I used my Signo uni-ball white pen to run a fine line down the tree trunk and the branches. 

The grey satin ribbon adds a juxtaposition of normality against the rest of the haphazard scene.  On the forest scene card, I used a sponge and a mixture of Basic Grey and Going Grey inks to create the night sky and clouds.  I stamped the entire image on Shimmery White... when you move the card around you can still get a little shimmer from the card stock - even though I colored it with the greys.  I tore the right hand side of the card as well to continue the theme. 

I hope you enjoyed these two whimsical cards.  I had great fun making them - but they were very tough to photograph.  If you have any questions on how I created them, leave me a comment or send me an email.

As always, thanks for spending time with me in my little area of the stamping blogosphere.... and for those of you who visit often... I had to include this picture... maybe I need to try to keep my cats out of my stamping space.... well... Bailey anyway.  Why is it always Bailey???? 

Baileywhiskers Those white lines you can see are his whiskers... which, considering you cannot see his face, shows you how long his whiskers actually are!!!!

Have a fabulous Tuesday and I hope you get time to spend doing the things you love - with those you love the most.

Peace and hugs





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Pals Paper Arts

What a cool and creative card!

On behalf of the Pals Paper Arts design team, thank you for playing @ PPA!

Linda Callahan

Liked that witch flying in the balloon basket!

Jean Fitch

Not surprising Bailey wanted some proximity to the witch card right??? Love these two fun cards and I can't believe (well okay I guess I can since its you we're talking about) that you sketched out such a clever witch! And the clever idea of the witch powered Gondola! Where on earth do you come up with these cool and kookie ideas!?! I hope you submit for Artisan's Awards next time!

Hugs - Jean


Hey Linda and Jean - thanks for appreciating my strange sense of humor! I loved the idea of the witch powering the balloon basket :-) It really appealed to my sense of the ridiculous. As always, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Your visits are always much appreciated :-)

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