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Belated Happy Thanksgiving

Hi Everyone

I'm sorry my update didn't go through yesterday.  It seems I typed it up but didn't save it and, as I was traveling, I wasn't able to check that the update occurred.

Bilbo Baggins has a message for you

Thanksgiving bilbo-001
Thanksgiving bilbo-002

We all wish you and yours a fabulous Thanksgiving and I thank you all for your support.



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Jean Fitch

Ah the trials of a cat among vegetarians...poor kitty.

Sandycat and Wicket here: We ate some giblets and gravy in your honor Bilbo (some ham too)! Wish we could have shared it with you. PS I'm sure your Mom knows you are a carnivore but sometimes well meaning humans forget to look at the teeth - lol! Maybe you should remind her (gently :D)what else they are good for? Our Mom sometimes forgets we like meat too but luckily we also like vegetables...maybe that's why the other neighborhood cats make fun of us? Maybe you should ask for some really good Carrot salad from the deli...positively delish...Salsa too then go check out what the neighbors are having for dinner?

We're thankful for our Mom (yours too) though not always for each other. Time to take a nap and sleep off that ham and turkey and......zzzzzzzzzzzz

Sandy and Wickets Mom here:

Forgive us funny humans Bilbo, we don't always understand cat for meat and we love you even when you would rather have something else to eat. Sending you, your furry companions and your folks love and wishes for a lovely holiday weekend.

Hugs and blessings - Jean, Wicket and Sandy

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