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Hi Everyone.  Happy Tuesday night and welcome to Jaydee's SU stamping space.  Today's card is for the stamping411 challenge #123.  Once again, the team have come up with a great sketch - and I made two slightly different versions of the same card today.  Mosey on over to their site and check out the fabulous inspiration and submission cards.  There's something great there to suit everyone's taste.

I decided it was time to bring out Season of Joy...... JAYDEE UPDATE 11/6.... well, mmmm... I'm having a senile moment.... It isn't Season of Joy - it's Berry Christmas .... thanks to my dear friend Jean for pointing out that I thought I'd used the poinsettia from Season of Joy - but had used the poinsettia from Berry Christmas.  Grrr.  they both would have worked :-)   I love this set, because it has such versatility with the stamps... and those of you who visit my blog know... I like to be able to have many uses for a particular stamp set!  Here's my preferred version of the sketch.


Card recipe:

  • Old Olive card stock
  • Real Red card stock
  • Glossy white card stock for the central image
  • Season of Joy stamp set
  • Christmas Greetings sentiment (my favorite!!!)
  • Real Red ink with clear transparent embossing powder for the bracts.  Old Olive Ink was used for the flowers.... I know they are normally yellow... but yellow didn't fit into my color scheme :-)
  • I used the Soft Holly wheel for the decoration on the side and it was rolled in Old Olive ink
  • I used Old Olive striped ribbon

Here's the version which conforms to the original sketch.  (BTW I do like both versions :-))


On the personal front... it's freezing here... winter is definitely reaching out her tentacles and my poor Old man cat (Merlin) hates the cold.  We found him outside a corporate building in Singapore as a young kitten and he traveled all the way with us - including across the country, by road, from California to Minnesota.  He went to all the major sites with us, but found most of them boring.... he did perk up though... well... he actually tried to pretend he was a piece of luggage - when a Bison looked in the back window at him when we were in Yellowstone.  I've never seen Merlin shrink to a little ball!  I think he still has nightmares about that. :-) Anyway, being a Singaporean-born cat - he HATES and I mean HATES the cold.  Merlin thinks anything below 80 is freezing.  So the poor old man has been cursing us since we moved to what we believe he considers to be the coldest place on earth!  Now that he's getting arthritic in his old age, he hates the cold even more!  Today, I understood how he felt!

As always, thank you for spending time with my in my little area of the blogosphere.  Your visits are always very much appreciated - as are your comments and support.  Its your comments and emails that keep me doing this.

On the feeds front.... I found out from Typepad that it looks as though there is a problem in the underlying code and they are reviewing it to see what needs to be done on their end.  So, it's taking a little longer!

Have a fabulous Wednesday - I hope you get time to do the things you love - with those you love the most. As for me, my DH left for Europe tonight - so I'm back to spending more time in my stamping studio.  Pierluigi, I miss you already.

Peace and blessings



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Robin Merriman

Those poinsettias are so pretty embossed - you've inspired me to pull out that set again! Great job on both cards!
Thanks for playing along again this week!
And inquiring minds want to know - what stamp sets did you buy? heehee!

Selene Kempton

This is stunning. Those embossed poinsettas pop off the page!

Kay Kalthoff

Very pretty. This ribbon makes such a statement!! I have to get me some! TFS -

Connie Babbert

Both cards are stunning! I love that wide ribbon under the Poinsettias...awesome job with the sketch! (My good friend lives in MN and is complaining about the weather, too!)


Both cards are just stunning and I love the embossed flowers!! Thanks for playing along this week!!

Patti Chesky

Wow! This is gorgeous!! I love the embossed poinsettias...and that ribbon is the perfect finishing touch to a fabulous card!!!


Once again you've done a FABULOUS job! I love both cards. I wish I could send you some of our weather. It was 92 yesterday. You can send Merlin out to me for the winter.


Beautiful card. Love the Poinsettia and the lovely border down the side. Congrats on making the Showcase for the 411 challenge.

Jean Fitch

Gorgeous as always Jaydee. Uhmmm...did you by any chance mean Berry Christmas instead of Season of Joy? Love the Holly wheel and the Christmas Greetings. Now if only you had posted this last week so I could have added it to those lists last Tuesday :D. Oh wait that's what edit buttons are for right? Thanks again for the inspiration my friend. Sandy and Wicket are trying hard to send warm furry thoughts Melins way but given our temps are in the 50's I don't know if their hearts are really in it. Sandy is currently a lump under the covers in her own personal cave and Wicket is tucked up with all paws and nose bits covered by the blankets too. Can't imagine what you went through to get a kitty home from Singapore but I bet overall M's grateful...Bison not withstanding! After all Bison can be eaten one mouthful at a time though admittedly at the time M might not have been thinking about that - LoL!

Hugs - Jean


Hi Jean.... thump! thump! thump! so, that's me hitting my head on my desk! You are right! I had both the Season of Joy and the Berry Christmas poinsettia's on my desk - decided to use the Berry Christmas one and then confused myself by putting Season of Joy in the title! So, I have fixed it.... thanks for letting me know - I REALLY appreciate it

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