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10 January 2010


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Sally Smith

Daffodils are my absolute favorite flower. I grew up in MN and their lovely heads were some of the first flowers to be seen through the snow. Then I got breast cancer and I was sent a couple bouquets of them ~ they certainly cheer up a room. Your card is stunning and this will be my favorite set to keep for a long time. Thanks for sharing your art work with us.


Love it Jaydee! The butterflies look like they are flying off the card.

Connie Babbert

Wonderful card done with that set! Great job (and hope all is well with the dental surgery!)
Thanks for playing along with Stamping 411 this week!


Your card is absolutely stunning! So perfect! I LOVE it! and everything about it. especially the butterflies and the way you made the flowers pop. Going into my favorites for sure!


I love this card. It is perfect as an Easter card. Thanks for the inspiration.

7 or 8 degrees and shorts you made me laugh as we would be "freezing". We are having lots of rain here which makes my cats really naughty as they don't burn off much energy outside so they play catch up and down the passage.

I hope your dental surgery goes well and you recover quickly.


Selene Kempton

I was looking at the 411 posts this morning... When I opened the screen and saw your gorgeous card, it literally took my breath away! Thanks for sharing your talents... Wow this is awesome.

Patricia Hoffman

Oh my, Spring colors, so refreshing to see. I love this card and stamp set. I am getting this stamp set this month when I place an order. The colors that you chose are simply the best together. I like how you propped up the flower on dimensionals and I love your coloring. I do like the ribbon, how did you do that bow? It is so petite and sweet. Would also look lovely on a Baby Card. So sorry to hear about your dental surgery. I have been there before and it aint no fun. I feel for you and will say a little prayer that you don't hurt for too long. Use lots and lots of ice and don't talk. Take your pain meds and just try to sleep. It will all be over soon enough. I had a bone spur removed from my jaw and they had to go in through my upper gums. Ouch, that one was a killer. I then developed what are known as air pockets and had to keep going back. But it all healed eventually and we are nothing worse for having it done. I will miss your post, but mostly hope that you heal fast. I hope that Lou will be home to take care of you and not off on Business. Talk to you soon.

Trish in Wisconsin

Lynn Hayes

Beautiful! Love how you "popped" up the flowers. So pretty. I also want to get this image in the future. Very pretty.

Patti Chesky

I love how you popped up the flowers. It really makes this beautiful card even more spectacular. Thanks for playing along.

Robin Merriman

Simply beautiful! Love the colors and all your butterflies!
Hope the surgery went well.....
Thanks for playing with the 411 this week!

Krista Visser

Gorgeous card !!!


I'm catching up on my blogs today and of course had to stop by. I love the colors in the card and it is so interesting because just looking at the stamp didn't thrill me but when I see how you used it, it just is beautiful. I got a chance to use markers to ink a stamp this weekend and I'm in love.


I love the butterflies! Hopefully spring will soon be on its way for you. 7 degrees! Is the sun shining?

Sally Davis

I was debating about getting this crocus set. I am glad to have a sample using it and I love the butterflies with it. I am a new reader of your blog and sure love it so far. Good luck with your dental work.


Your card is lovely, love how you pieced the flowers. I hope your dental surgery goes well!!


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