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Happy Moments & Unmounting Wood Mount stamps to be Clear Mount usable - tutorial

Hi Everyone

A tutorial for you tonight... and a couple of cards I made using the fabulous Happy Moments stamp set.  This set is one of the free sets you can choose as part of Sale A Bration.  I've been doing a "stamp a stack" for my card drive.  You can see these cards at the bottom of this tutorial.

I promised to show you how I have been changing my wood mount SU stamps into clear mount.  I didn't think I would do this... but I have grown to love the clear mount versions of my Stampin' Up! stamps so much, that I'm going to start moving most of mine that way.  I started with some new stamp sets that arrived last week and then started work on some golden oldies.

There are multiple ways you can do this, and I strongly recommend that you try a couple of different versions to see which works for you.  Some people use the EZmount thin strips to put over the rubber... some people use other glue solutions, like Aileen's.... for me... I found that using Tombow works for me.. so far.  If anything changes, I will update you on this. :-)  The key is, of course, that at some stage, I am going to have to re-apply the glue when the stamp stops connecting with the clear mount block the way I would like.

So... here's what I used for NEW wood mount stamp sets:

  • Tombow glue (some use 2-way glue)
  • A wooden lollipop stick (one I had left over from a rub-on set)
  • A photocopier machine
  • A CD case (orderable from SU (119105 $4.95 for a set of 4)
  • My unmounted stamps
  1. I took the transparent sheet that contains the images that you normally put on top of the wood mounts and photocopied it whilst it was in tact.
  2. I then took one of the stamps and removed the backing paper and placed it on my worktop stamp side down.
  3. I took the transparent sheet of images and placed the correct image over the stamp and tried to place it where the rubber image is underneath.Unmount1
  4. So, on this pic you can see the transparent images that are left in tact on the left hand side... underneath my stamp you can see my photocopied image (underneath the stamp) (more about that later) and you can see the glue glue....  You can also see the transparent image that I have placed over the stamp... let's take a closer look at that
  5. Unmount2 
  6. Now... the placement for the hummingbird was pretty good on the stamp - and you can see that I placed it on the sticky part of the rubber.  I then took my craft and rubber scissors and cut around the transparency sheet that was left.  This left me with the stamp, the image on the back and now I'm ready for glue!
  7. THERE's a TRICK to this.... DON'T put too much glue on.... you need just enough to make it tacky... not so much that it's gloopy...  I applied the Tombow in tiny little blobs to the image and then spread it - rather like spreading margarine on bread - and removed the excess with my lollipop stick.
  8. I then placed the image - rubber side down into the plastic case that my stamps came in. 
  9. I repeated this until all my stamps had been treated the same way.  
  10. I kept... the piece of the transparency that has the name of the set... more about that later... :-)
  11. Unmount4
    Here you can see my stamps in the original case.  I left them here to dry.... note... the humming bird has too much glue..... you can remove some with your stick...
  12. Now... you have to leave this overnight to dry.  I put them into their cases because it was easier to stack overnight... and, more importantly, it kept little furry monsters from finding the rubber pieces and pretending they were real humming birds, or mice, or hamsters, or whatever it is that furry monster cats think about when they chase things like maniacs around the basement :-)

Now.... what about MOUNTED stamps.... OK.... so here's what I did... then I promise I'll get to telling you why you took a photocopy of the sheet and why you want to keep the sticky with the name of the set on!!!

  1. Take your mounted stamp and place in the MICROWAVE for about 15 seconds.  No longer.. cos you really don't want to melt the stamp and set the wood block on fire :-)  Seriously, about 15 seconds is all you need.  This leaves the rubber in tact and just melts the glue enough that you can remove both the rubber stamp.... and the transparent image that is on top of your wood mount stamp (for those that have them, that is!!!)
  2. You follow the same process that you followed with your mounted stamps.  Here's a picture of one of my old stamps that I bought at a yard sale years ago... what I realize now that I'm more experienced is that it wasn't exactly cut well when I got it!
  3. Unmount5
    This was my guinea pig stamp... I wanted to make sure that my process worked before I repeated with my others.... I suggest you do the same :-)
  4. You can see that I removed the transparent image from the woodmount and placed it over the sticky rubber.  I then applied the Tombow as noted above
  5. I left all of my stamps overnight and voila... they worked.... However, a couple of them had too much glue... so I have a little trick... I am sure there are better ways of doing this... but this worked for me... 
  6. If there's too much glue...I gently patted the sticky part of the stamp in my palm - over and over until it had just the right consistency.  Doing it on my palm meant that it didn't stick to anything permanently as the natural oil on my palms worked to remove some of the glue.  It actually wasn't a sticky mess on my hand either... I just washed and dried as normal afterwards :-)
  7. So... what about the photocopied image - and the sticky name tags!  Well, they are for my CD case... I can't show you one... because my new cases haven't arrived yet and I won't get them until Feb 14 - they are part of my Valentine's Day gift, you see!  However, I am going to cut the photocopied image and place it on the inside front of my CD case and then run the sticky name part down the spine of the CD case
  8. For my old stamp sets... I'm going to put the family of stamps on my photocopier and photo the back of the stamps and will have to make a spine cover for them.   OR.... you could do as Adelle suggested - which is the smart thing! and just stamp the images on a piece of blank paper and... if you have the stamp set name still on your old plastic case... carefully peel it off and then put it on the spine of the new CD case :-)

So, there you are.... sounds like a long process and it sort of is...  Just remember the tricks... and remember to keep furry paws away from them!

Here's the stamp a stack I have been doing with Happy Moments.  It's a really cute set and I can't wait to do some more fancy cards with it.... but I love the clean and simple cards they lend themselves, too.  I had to photograph my prototypes for you... because my real finished ones have been packaged up in a box already to send to fromour hearts.





Well... we've had about 5 inches of snow and are expecting about another 4 over night... the world sure does look pretty, but I think I'm ready for spring now.  Today we had 30 ducks in the yard... yep... 30... Aflac brought his wife and his entire family to eat at the feeders.  Then tonight, I counted 8 deer.  We also have a Brown Thrasher that seems to have decided to overwinter - he must not have been well enough to make the migration to warmer states.  He's been around our feeders for the last few weeks and enjoying the dried meal worms and other food we put out for the birds.    Sometimes, it's very hard to believe that we only have a 1/4 acre.  It never ceases to amaze me how lucky the US is to still have so much fabulous nature so close to built-up areas.  We have greatly enjoyed creating our little ecosystem in our yard and welcome the variety of animals and birds that we get through our little garden. 

Have a Happy Tuesday everyone and, as always, thank you for visiting my little area of the stamping blogosphere.  I hope you found the tutorial useful and good luck to those of you who decide to make the change.

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