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18 February 2010


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Ann Schach

Love the coloring! The pearls are the perfect touch! Thanks for joining us @ PPA again this week!

Beth Rigden

Very creative and very pretty~you are one talented lady!
Sounds like you had a fantastic Valentine's Day! Aren't you glad you made the beautiful card for Lou?!


Now we are all going to want our very own Lou! Poor Mr Jensen's Valentine's EXTRAVAGANZA (that's how he billed it) turned into a fizzledazzle (also his term)! One of these days we're going to have to get our DHs together so Lou can do some educating--that is if he can get past the thought of Springboks :)
Another Awesome card, you are SO talented-I'm embarassed to send my sad little contributions to the collection.


AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! What a wonderful surprise.Your evening sounds like a romance novel. I must say I am jealous!:) As you said, he is not the romantic guy, so you must have been floored when cupid hit you with the arrow again!

Have fun this weekend with your cards. I will not be getting you cards in time for this weekend. Sorry...
Tell your friend Happy Birthday!


Patricia Hoffman

O.K.,O.K., enough with the drama...I get the point, it was BEAUTIFUL and you so deserved all of it! Your description brought tears to my eyes, I just love Romance. Lou did a wonderful thing. I think after 15 years it has finally sunk in. What a memory the two of you have made together, one that will last forever. You didn't tell us what you had to eat that night. I am itching to know. My DH is not big on romance either...want to give Lou my phone number and they can talk?

Love the card. I don't own the set, but have lamented over buying it ever since the Catalog came out. Really like the added touch of the Pearls and the white pot, it really gives it a different look than the traditional brown ones that we see all of the time. The little bee is cute hovering above the flowers. I like how you got the different shading in the flowers. When I got to the end of your description about how you put the card together, I just said "whew", that was a lot of work, but well worth it. Stay safe my Friend and may you always be as Blessed as you are today!

Trish in Wisconsin

Linda Callahan

Congrats on your pick last week! Glad you are back @PPA! Love how you used the transparency here - pretty card!


That was so sweet of Lou! But of course you deserve it!! Love the card! Very pretty! Thanks for sharing your awesome creativity!


How do you get the little pearls on? Maybe my fingers are just too fat!


Another beautiful card. I have never bought this set but am now feeling like it is one I must have! I spent the day making Mother's Day cards this would be a great one!

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