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24 March 2010


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as you can see, you are all in our thoughts and prayers and we will be sending special prayers on Tuesday for you. You take care my friend. We are all sending you cyber hugs and lots of love.

Beth Rigden

Jaydee--I am sure glad to know that not all of your cards come out perfect! The idea and colors are perfect though!
Trish, you know that many people will be and have been praying for you. I will especially be praying for you on Tuesday. I pray that you will have peace as you face this surgery. Thanks for keeping us posted.


LOL! You ARE human! I didn't think you ever made mistakes especially after looking at your cards everyday! Now I know I am not alone! LOL!
Hi Trish! I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers! Thank you for keeping us posted on your personal life! You know a lot of people will be praying and thinking of you! You are such a brave lady! We love ya Trish!


Hi Trish..Wow you sure have a lot ahead of you. You are in my prayers and I will make a special prayer for Tues. I know this is going to be rough on you and I want to wish you the best. We will all be here for you and support you along your journey of Chemo. Yuk, that sucks your going to lose your hair too. My neighbor had chemo and lost her hair.Like you,she would not wear a wig either. She said they really itch!
I would send you a cap if I had your address. I asked for it but I don't think Jaydee is getting my e-mails. So I will keep in contact with you here!

Hugs to you,


Jaydee-your card made me laugh. You do so many beautiful cards! It's nice to see that you are human and have the same problems that the rest of have.

Trish-I will be in the Milwaukee area this weekend and will be sending some heavy duty prayers your way throughout the week. You are approaching this with such bravery. This journey is already making you stronger.

Patricia Hoffman

Oh Jaydee, I love the card! After all it is the thought that counts...you should have sent it...everything cannot always be perfect and shouldn't always be perfect, because we are not perfect creatures by nature. Feel better now? It really is a very beautiful card, and chances are I probably wouldn't have noticed anything that you mentioned except for the smudge on the letter. Lol.

For those that are keeping up to date and would like to know, my surgery is scheduled for next week Tuesday, 3/30/10. It is estimated to last about 5 hours. They are doing a Mastectomy and removing all of the Lymph Nodes under my right arm. A pretty radical surgery. The normal stay is the day of surgery plus one more day, but the Doctor told me today, that I will go home when she says that I can go home. This is due to my many other health problems. A lot of it will depend on how long it takes me to come off the Ventilator. I am already sad because I won't have much use of my right arm for awhile and I am right handed, so I don't know how much time I will be able to spend on the computer. I will definitely try to check in though. Sometime after the healing from the surgery, and some physical therapy, then will come the Chemotherapy, and YES I will definitely lose ALL of my hair. I want to get a denim and leather baseball cap to wear when this happens. No wigs for me. I have seen some pretty cute patterns for some baseball type hats in the pattern books that have bows in the back, but I should have thought of this sooner, because I won't be able to sew. I had thought of making one in black and another in white to go with everything. I am not sure how I will feel after surgery, but I plan on taking my laptop to hospital with me, so I will try to let you know how I am doing. That is it for now.

I couldn't quite read the signature, but I think that it was "Cam". I received the most beautiful butterfly "thinking of you" card yesterday. I love the colors. She put the teeny, tiniest butterfly on the card, that I almost missed it, it is soooooo cute. Thank you so very much. I really do appreciate it, and it made my day. I plan on taking my cards to hospital with me to brighten up my room. I will need something to look at for the long days, I do not watch television. Thank you again.

Cyber ((hugs)), Trish in Wisconsin

Nance Leedy (Canopy Crafts)

LOL! Glad to see I'm not alone in blooperdom--thanks for sharing your mistakes AND your successes. Both inspire. Cheers!

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