Homage to Retiring Colors # 7
Highlighting Eggplant and Birthday celebrations!

Country Morning Inspiration

Hi Everyone.  Happy Tuesday Night.  Tomorrow is mid-week.  Hump Day.  I can't wait for the weekend.  tonight's card was another one that took me waaaaay outside of my comfort zone.  I don't know what it is about bold colors, but I really haven't used a lot of them.  However, the inspiration this week DEMANDED the use of bright colors.  It also caused me to break out a set I have only every used once, and use a stamp within that set that I have never used!

Splitcoast does an inspiration challenge.  I don't do them very often.  However, I saw this challenge a couple of weeks ago and it made me nostalgic for days that were just a little more simple.  I love technology - hey that's what I do for a real job... BUT... I really do love the simple things in life.

The inspiration was Crate Labels.  Anyone remember these?  Here's a link to the challenge.  Here's a link to the label that really caught my eye.  This was a great one to use to pay homage to some of the retiring colors, and ones that I very rarely use.  Because of the country feel, and because I didn't actually have a stamp with lemons on it, I decided to use an image from the Country Morning hostess set for that down home country feel :-) 


I hope you recognize the colors and the feel of the label.  I decided to make the green a little less prominent.  I had great fun water coloring this image.

Now... here's a twist to the comment game.  If you correctly recognize all of the colors used in the card and leave a comment on my blog telling me what they are - I will put you in the draw for a spot prize.  So.... get your looking glasses out - leave a comment with the colors used.  If you are correct, your name will be put into the draw tomorrow for the spot prize.  If you are wrong... no worries... you will still be entered into the overall comment blog draw for April 30!

Thank you to all of you who have commented.  It really inspires me to do my blog updates everyday.  These last few weeks have been exceptionally busy - 14 hour days on average at my desk and some nights I have been waaaay too tired to do my blog.  But reading your comments in the morning, really does encourage me to do this!  So, thank you.

Also... I'd like you to take a trip along to Cheryl's blog.  Cheryl was inspired by one of my Awash with Flowers cards and wrote to let me know that she had used my card as an inspiration for a fabulous swap card that she had done.  You can see Cheryl's incredible take on my card.  It's always wonderful when you have inspired someone.  So, please pop along to Chery's blog and leave her a little love:-)

Trish, I hope the visit with the Oncologist went well today.  Stay strong, my friend!

I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday.  One filled with love, laughter and lots of joy.




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A quick post on the colors used: night of navy, gable green, bashful blue, cajun craze. Hugs.


I LOVE this card, Jaydee, and I love visiting your site. Don't know how you have the time to do all your stamping plus your REAL job! Well, I guess you MAKE the time:

Cardstock colors: Night of Navy, Gable Green, Whisper White, Bashful Blue, Ruby Red (or Real Red or Riding Hood Red?). Inks include the same colors, plus Summer Sun.

Thanks for ALL your inspiration!

Susan, aka Soozie4Him on SCS

Laurie Zoellmer

This is beautiful Jaydee! I have this stamp set sitting on my stamp table waiting to be mounted. You have inspired me to mount it and ink-it-up! Thanks so much for sharing and Happy Stamping!


I'm not so good with my colors but I think this is so beautiful. I played around with water color just yesterday and I have much more practicing to do.


Good morning, All! :o) Trish, I just read your comment, and I want you to know you are still in my thoughts and prayers. Whatever you decide to do will be what is best for YOU. I had a friend at work do a five month course of chemo beginning in November and she's now receiving radiation treatment. She had her ups and downs, but really did quite well with the chemo. I certainly understand your hesitancy with trips to the hospital and such.

Jaydee, the card is simply nostalgic. I too will have flowers in water all over the house in the summer--especially with Miss Lily bringing them in and stuffing them in whatever container she can find, lol! :o)

I'm having no trouble at all identifying the card stock: Night of Navy, Real Red, Gable Green, Bashful Blue, Whisper White.

The watercolors, however are another tale. I'm thinking: Summer Sun, Real Red, Bashful Blue, Bordering Blue, Always Artichoke and Sahara Sand.

I'm off to give Cheryl some love on a gorgeous card. :o)


What a fun card Jaydee. If I had tried it it would have taken me so far out of my comfort zone I'd have been in another time zone! I'm not even going to try to name all of the colors, (I'm sooo bad at that) but it was lots of fun to check out everyone else's guesses. Like Trish, the image brings back memories, my Mom STILL has flowers all over the house and any container that holds at least 1/2 an inch of water is fair game! :o)
Trish, I will be sending extra prayers and love your way. I understand what a difficult choice you must make. Having the support of your family is huge, I will also send prayers your way for you DD. Hope that she comes on board to accept and support the decision you make.
Happy Hump Day to One and All!

Lynn Hayes

Beautiful card! Such a cute image. Love the colors you used and well, just the whole thing. Great!
I just read the comment from Trish. My prayers are with her. What a hard decision to have to make, I'm sure.
Check out my lastest post to see some of the cards that I'll be sending to Hugs and Hope. Thanks to you that I found this wonderful organization.

Ann Schach

Love all the matting you did on this card! The color combination makes the image pop!

Beth Rigden

This is a very striking card--great use of the wonderful colors that everyone is guessing!
Me--I have to get moving to get to work on time, so I guess I will pass or do it later!
Love that stamp--it is "refreshing"!
I will hop over to Cheryl's blog and then off to work to make money to buy Stampin Up stuff!
Trish, you have a big decision to make, I pray that God will give you peace and let you know that YOU made the right decision. I will continue to pray for you.


What a lovely card! I don't have this set but wish I did!
Here goes my stab at it. Which I'm sure it is totally off LOL! The papers are Night of Navy,Certainly Celery, Bashful Blue, Brocade Blue, Real Red and Whisper White. The watercolors are Yoyo Yellow, Bashful Blue, Regal Rose, Brocade Blue, Real Red, Always Artichoke and Sahara Sand. Craft white ink on Night of Navy paper for the sentiment.
Part of me wanted to say Summer Sun where I said yoyo yellow and Old Olive where I said Always Artichoke. But that's where me doubting myself is talking! Good Luck to everyone! It was fun trying to figure them out!! Thanks for the chance to win even though I'm sure it will NOT be me!! But it was fun trying!

Patricia Hoffman

I forgot to add in the Watercolors that you also used Bashful Blue. I only had it written down once, but meant to use it twice. Sorry about that.


Patricia Hoffman

When I first saw this Hostess Set, I knew that I had to have it only for this very image. I adore this image. In the summer months I always have a flower or two propped up in something with water in it. Lol.

Your Card is so sentimental in nature. I really like the old feelings that it brings back. The Milkman delivery ice cold Milk, we didn't have a refigerator to keep it in, we kept it in a Pantry that was quite cool. I can't even remember when we got our first refrigerator. Lol. Wonderful coloring, and choice of colors. Another great job, well done.

It is really hard to pick the colors because everyone's screen settings are different and printer settings are different. I will have a go at it: The card background is: Night of Navy, Gable Green, Bashful Blue, and Real Red. I think, but am not sure, that your watercolors are: Bashful Blue, Regal Rose, Yoyo Yellow, Barely Banana, Brocade Blue, Real Red,Garden Green, Brilliant Blue, Going Grey, and Craft Whisper White for the Sentiment. Well how did I do? Did I totally blow it? You didn't tell us if we could only use retiring colors or not. There were just too many variables left to chance. Now you see how analytical I am. Lol. I pick things to death! Oh boy! I am sure that my Blues are wrong because they didn't match anything in the Catty or printed out, so I just took a gander on that one. I am anxious to see just what the correct answer is. Please, please, I know that you work very late, but try to let us know as early as you can. I am going to be on pins and needles all day long.

Took my flight over to Cheryl's blog, really super take on your Card. Left her a message of Love and good cheer. I thought her Card turned out really well and I liked what she did. Thanks for sharing that with us. Thanks for the added bit of fun today.

Cyber hugs, Trish in Wisconsin

P.S. Let's just say 1 1/2 hours spent with the Oncologist and lots of tears shed. Chemo is to start in about 8-10 days, and was left up to me wether I want to have it or not. It will last for 5 months, which is literally the whole summer. I am still thinking about it, even though all of the Doctor's have said that I must have it. I still believe that the choice is up to me, and do I want to spend my entire summer running back and forth to hospital or do I just want to put things in God's hands? Lots of deep, deep thinking going on in my head. I probably won't sleep tonight. Bob supports me whatever my decision, however my DD does not. Have a happy evening and an even better tomorrow.


Kadie in Arizona

Okay Jaydee - let me be first to comment on the colors used. I believe that the cardstock is Night of Navy, Certainly Celery, Bashful Blue and Real Red. Thinking that your watercolors are Summer Sun, Rose Red, Bashful Blue, Real Red, Always Artichokek, Brocade Blue and Sahari Sand. I might be totally off on some of the blues (or for that matter...for many of the colors)....but....this was a great challenge for us to see if we know our colors.

Awesome card and LOVE LOVE LOVE what you based your card around. Thanks for sharing.

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