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11 April 2010


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Hi everyone --- wanted to respond to Trish's comment. you are all welcome to send Trish an email - just let me know and i will gladly send it along to you.
I don't believe it's taking over my blog to leave a comment, I know that there are those of you who don't comment who are interested in how Trish is doing. Part of the wonderful thing about my blog is finding people who leave comments for each other. I love the sense of community that it seems to have created.
Trish, I am so pleased you find something in my blog every day to distract you even for just a couple of minutes. I'm also pleased that you stuck around after finding me by accident - it was a great chance encounter :-)
hugs to everyone

Patricia Hoffman

Hi Jaydee, Wow Adelle, what a wonderfully happy card. I love all of the different papers that you used. I have never tried a card like this, but have always wanted to, I guess I will just have to put my mind to it and go for it. I love the little "Chick" in amongst the eggs. Jaydee, I am so very glad that you got some time to relax and enjoy yourself. I made it outside for a little bit on Saturday, but for some reason I am freezing cold, so mostly on the couch with a blanket and pain meds. Thank you everyone for your continued Prayers, Thoughts, and Support. I am always amazed when I stop by, and someone has left a little message for me. It puts a smile on my face and brings sunshine into my day. I really don't want to take over Jaydee's Blog though, so perhaps you could email me privately. Jaydee has the email addy if you are interested. I just feel guilty taking comments away from her wonderful cards. After all, she deserves every single comment she gets!!! I found Jaydee's Blog quite by accident while on another Blog one day and have never left. I have found her creations to be some of the most amazing that I have seen, and her kindness and personality just shine through on her blog through her writings. I enjoy every visit that I am able to make, and am always a bit sad when it is over. I always leave wanting for more, I guess that is a good thing. Keep up the fantastic work, Jaydee. I love having a place to come and rest everyday and spend a few moments of sheer bliss.

Cyber hugs, Trish in Wisconsin


Yay for Adelle! It's a beautiful card. Thanks Jaydee for sharing the work of your talented group of followers.

I sit in a drafting chair at my stamping space so I can be up high. I have my table on risers so I can stand and cut at a comfortable height. At my computer desk I sit on an exercise ball. It helps work the core while you sit and is surprisingly cushiony (is that even a word?).


Adelle, What a stinking cute card! The little chick peeking out from the DSP eggs makes me smile :0) I've never seen this layout before and am thinking I'll have to case this soon. Keep up the great work.
Jaydee, glad you enjoyed the sunshine this weekend. Days like that make those nasty Minnesota winters almost worth it. Enjoy your new chair, hope it provides you a comfy place to sit and finish those taxes so you can play and be inspired again soon.
Have a great Monday one and all


Good morning! I'm sorry I missed commenting the past two days. I typically take a weekend hiatus from the 'net so I can spend time with family. :o)

The cards you posted yesterday and the day before (or, was it Friday and Saturday...?) were so elegant. I like the simplicity of both of them.

And, that card Adelle sent? FABULOUS!

As for a comfy chair? My honey got me one for my stampin' room for Valentine's day. Not the most romantic gift, but the best thing he could have given me. :o)

Happy Monday, everyone!

Beth Rigden

A comfy chair is so important! I just got 2 new ones, so that a friend can join me in my stamping area. (Or sometimes my DH comes in there to talk while I work!)I got one for my birthday and bought the other myself! Great investment!
Adelle, the card you made is fabulous. I have never seen that technique. Now I will have to see how to make a card like that.
Trish, Keep hanging in there. Hope you are seeing an improvement each day.
Hope everyone has a great week!


Hope you stay in your new chair more....I love your beautiful cards! Also that means less time at work. Yeah!
I just got our taxes done Sat. so don't feel too bad about still working on yours.

Adelle this card of yours is sooooooooooo cute! What a great idea! My hat is off to you.

Hi Trish...I hope you are feeling better. I will say a little prayer for you. I also hope you are able to get out and sit, in the warm sunny days.

Hugs to all


Jaydee, glad you liked your card! Hope your Easter was great. We had no sun in California today so I am envious of you. In fact we had heavy rain. Get those taxes finished!!!! You will feel so good. Maybe I will beat you, mine will hopefully be in the mail tomorrow. On your mark, get set.......


Hi Jaydee! I hope you enjoy your new chair!
Adelle, you are just as talented as Jaydee! That card is sooo darn cute!! I love it! Thanks for sharing your awesome Easter card!
Trish- hope you are getting better everyday! I continue to pray for you & keep you in my thoughts!

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