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26 April 2010


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Lori Burkitt

Oh, I saw this color challenge and I have to say I chickened out and did NOT play along. Glad to see you bravely took the challenge. I love what you did with the colors. I'm glad you had fun with it. Great card! TFS! Also, just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comment :)


A cute card. The dots follow through is lovely. Thanks for sharing your blog and congratulations on winning a challenge.

Trish - love and prayers for you



You know, Jaydee, this is the ONLY set I didn't get from the Summer Mini (so far, anyway!). I just don't like children with wings, but then someone told me that they're FAIRIES, not children. Okay, I can see that now! I LOVE what you've done with this set, and I'm going to MISS Green Galore!

I get to look at several of your posts now, instead of just once a day - I've been sick in bed with bronchitis, a sinus infection and a high fever - am just getting back a little strength - I haven't stamped since Friday! I plan to get into my stamping room TODAY!

Susan, aka Soozie4Him on SCS


I love the colors...and the polka dots, my favorite. I have that DSP and love it. I can't wait for the Summer Mini!!!


Wow! I know I say that a lot, but you just really knock my socks off. Congratulations for winning another challange, it's awesome that you are getting the recognition you deserve for crafting some truely amazing cards.
Trish- I'll be sending extra prayers your way today. I know you have amazing faith and a strong will, you WILL come through this struggle much stronger.
Have a great day one and all. :o)


Oh, wow! This is too cute. I LOVE the way you put all those elements together. I confess, I never give my cards that much thought. Hm. Maybe I oughta start...;o).

Ann Schach

I must admit, I am getting addicted to this set, too! Great job, as always!

Beth Rigden

Cute card--lovely coloring and Jaydee, such talent for taking those colors and making them look good together! You are inspiring!
Thanks for taking the time to share with us.


I hope things go well at your appointment. Continue to be strong. I know sometimes it will means you will have to "act the part" of being strong, but that will help you feel it and live it.

Would it sound condescending if I told you how proud I am of how you have developed into such an amazing stamper? Not that I am surprised-you were always good. I am so blessed that you chose me to be you upline. Thanks for all of the inspiration you have shared and congratulations on yet another stamping honor!

Patricia Hoffman

You know it's amazing how different a Stamp Set can look colored in and mounted on a Card, than when you see it in a Catalog as a black and white image. I told you that I Fairies really didn't do anything for me, well I saw this Card and went WILD. How wonderful a creation you have made here! I do like the way all of the circles and dots play off of each other and also all of the lines. I absolutely am intrigued by your coloring and color choices for this card, including the cardstock! This is a WOW Card if ever I saw one. I even had to let out a little giggle when I saw the tiny white pearl under the ribbon knot. Now how Jaykee like is that? I think that a hidden pearl somewhere on a Card has become your legacy.Lol. Another Big Congratulations is in order for today. When you first showed us the Favorite Thoughts Card, I told you how much I enjoyed it back then. I am not surprised that someone else has the same feelings. Like I said before, will you really remember the "little" people when you make it Big Time? Lol Just Kidding. We were here first and I know that you would never forget us. You are quickly being noticed in the Card Stamping Community...and I am not surprised at all. I figured it was just a matter of getting out there, and one people saw your work you would start to fly. I am so happy for you and share in your joy. The feeling of getting picked to be a Winner must be so neat, knowing that you did your best work and it was recognized. You Rock!!!
What a happy Monday surprise, not many happy things happen on a Monday, it is back to work day, and the end of a not long enough weekend for most people. Thanks for sharing your wonderful Fairie Card, I just may end up with this set after all, and for sharing your Great News with us.

I meet with my Oncologist tomorrow to talk about Chemotherapy. Such a glorious day to look forward to. Yuck.

Cyber hugs, Trish in Wisconsin


Cute card - and waaaayyyyyy better than I would have been able to come up with the combo. Like the little pearl tucked in there - super cute! Have a lovely week!


This is soo cute! I am beginning to want this stamp set! You are such an enabler!! But that's ok! LOL! You never cease to amaze me with your awesome talent! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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