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New Color Comparisons - sneak peek - updated to add browns

Hi Everyone. Interim update for you.  The new colors arrived in my postbox this afternoon and the first thing I did was take pictures of them for you.... I knew that you were probably wondering how some of them compare.  I know I was....  So... I did the best I could... the pics aren't great - but I couldn't do them outside in daylight.  So I took them under my Ottlight.  They aren't the truest color pics that I could probably get, but at least you get the idea when you compare some of these colors.

I am absolutely... completely... utterly in love with Early Espresso, Cherry Cobbler and Marina Mist.  I'm looking at Cajun Craze and Daffodil Delight on my desk and they look stunning together.. in fact.. they all look stunning together.  I suppose that's the great thing about changing you the colors - suddenly they all fit better together.

So, my dear friends, here goes!


The Marina Mist has a greener tinge to it.  It really reminds me of those gorgeous blue seas next to a white sandy beach.  It really is gorgeous.


The colors that look closest together here are Crushed Curry and Daffodil... but they aren't that close really.  I just couldn't get a good color of the Daffodil - it really is much brighter than it looks.  It's a very luscious yellow.  Not nearly as browny as it looks here.  I'll try taking another pic but there was too much reflection to really do it justice.


So here you have cajun craze on the left, really rust in the middle and dusty durango on the right.  I love the Cajun Craze - it reminds me of Tuscany.


The Cherry Cobbler is GORGEOUS.  I wish I could have done it justice. 

oooppps... how could i forget these gorgeous colors in my original post.  the espresso is FABULOUS - it's going to get a lot of use. It really is that rich coffee color.

Anyway... thought you would like a first viewing.  Now... I'm off to see what I can do with them :-)