Best Wishes - Homage to Retiring Colors #8
Watercolor Monochromatic Blues on faux silk

C is for.......

Hi Everyone.  Happy Saturday night.  I hope you all had a fabulous Saturday.  This will be a quick post tonight.  I did manage to get a little time in my stamping space this afternoon, but now I need to go and get changed and go pick up Lou.  He's home for... count them.... 1...2...3... days... and then he's off for 3 weeks.  The least said about that - the better!

Those of you who have visited my blog for a while, know that we have multiple cats and I tend to be rather fond of animals.  In fact, we are building a new deck in our back yard, along with a gazebo, and we have given strict instructions to the builders that they are to be very careful about the raccoon den under the deck.  That they are to leave her as undisturbed as possible and to make sure that she still has access when the deck is finished.  OK.. yeah... I know... but anyway, we wouldn't want to put Martha Stewart out too much.  Yep.. we even named her.  She tends to run off with things that we put out for the birds, and we find them at the door of her den.  Or somewhere else in the garden.  She is also very fussy about her food when we leave it out.  Consequently, we decided that she was the kind of redecorating, food fussy kind of raccoon... hence the name Martha Stewart!

Anyway..... tonight I was distracted by Bailey.  Big-girls-blouse-Bailey.  he doesn't often come for loves and cuddles, but this afternoon he was like a big teddy bear.  Take a look at this

Bailey1 (1)
Oh! but... mother... I do love you mother... especially when I have this nice comfy cushion to lie on.... but I'm not happy about this stupid catalog and paper I have to sit on... what?  oh?  you were using it?  oh... sorry...  mmmmm... let me show you my profile to distract you with how handsome I am.


Those papers... oh... mmm... what papers?

OK... OK... so if you don't want me to sit on your papers, then you have to scratch my big fat hairy head.  Oh... and don't forget behind the ears... oh... yes... now... I like that!


Oh... yes... now that's good... mmm... sorry about the crazy-cat-eyed-look, but I like that :-)

And... here is my homage to the retiring color, Really Rust - and to his lordship Bailey!


Have a fabulous Sunday everyone.  I hope you have a day filled with love, laughter and the little things that make it magical.

Brenda/Cherie... I hope you had a great run this morning - that sure was quite a run you decided to do. You are both amazing :-)

As always, thank you so much for spending time in my little area of the stamping blogosphere.  Your visits - and your support - are always much appreciated.  Tonight, my able assistant Bilbo Baggins will be helping to draw the name of the winner of the blog candy.