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OWH Memorial Day Weekend Bloghop

What makes a hero?

Hi Everyone.  Happy Friday night.

The posts for tonight and tomorrow are dedicated to heros.  Tomorrow night I will be participating in a blog hop for Operation Write Home - one of our current card drive recipients.  I have made two cards for tomorrow night, so hope that you will stop by my blog, as well as the blogs of others in the hop.

All of us have heros that we can celebrate, and heroism can take many forms and can come from so many unexpected sources.

If you will all indulge me, I would like to ddedicate tonight's post to Trish and the latest card I made for her.  I made this card to send to Trish early this week and it is currently winging its way to her.  However, a comment from MISSY on one of my posts earlier in the week said that she considered Trish a hero.  It got me to thinking that a little public homage was in order!

With all that Trish is going through she has managed, when she can, to come to my blog and leave wonderful, well-thought out comments on my creations, as well as thoughts, prayers and comments for others who visit my blog regularly.  Additionally, Trish sent me the most wonderful bouquet of flowers for my birthday, just after she had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  How typical of Trish to think of someone else in the midst of all that she had to do and worry about.  Even in her emails to me, Trish always worries about her family and makes sure that I am doing OK.

Trish... I am not sure if you have managed to read my blog these last few days - but this card is for you.  Your strength, compassion, love, friendship, warm heart and joie de vivre are much appreciated - you are truly an amazing person.


Here's a pic of the inside - before I wrote on it... cos I know that Trish likes to see inside the cards:-)

Trish, these words describe you so well, my friend.


We continue to think of you and pray for you.  You truly are my hero.

Thank you to all of you for spending a little time on my blog tonight.  I do hope that you will think of and pray for Trish.  She certainly needs them right now.

Have a fabulous Saturday everyone.  I hope your day is filled with love, laughter and the things that make you happy!

Hugs to you all