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Yin, Yang and Somewhere in Between

Hi Everyone.  Happy Saturday night.

I am updating my blog from my deck.  The moon is bright in the sky and the sun has just set;  there is a wonderful cooling breeze blowing up the valley;  the catbird has returned and is calling;  the Cardinal's are calling to each other, and night is beginning to descend;  the deer have just arrived at the feeders and Mr and Mrs Aflac (yes, we even name our visiting ducks!) have returned to the pond down the road.  (They spent the better part of the afternoon sitting in our garden in the bird bath.  Yes, they sit in the bird bath, which is all of 12" in diameter!)  Lou and I have just finished dinner and are sipping the last vestiges of our Veuve Clicquot champagne.  I mean, seriously, shouldn't we celebrate the fact that we are actually spending some time together in our garden after all this time apart! :-)

Talking about gardens....  we spent 3 hours.  Yes.  Count them.  3 hours at the nursery today choosing trees and plants.  We can't wait for them to come and plant the new trees and get our new plants into our shade garden.

Our vacation began at 5.15 this moring.  Lou NEVER gets up at that time in the morning, but is obviously suffering from jet lag as he was the one who woke me up!  So, we were up at 5.15 and having breakfast by 6.  That meant we had lots of time to go shopping and do the things we needed to do.  I guess it's going to be an early night tonight.

Tonight's card is all about the yin and yang.  The masculine and feminine and something in between.  I saw an inspiration card a couple of weeks ago and decided to play around with it.  It's so rare that I get to really highlight DSP, which, considering we have such amazing DSP, is a pity.  So, I decided to make 3 cards using the same layout that have a little feminine and masculine in them.




This set of cards was also a great excuse to crack open some of my old DSP and get reacquainted with some returning colors.  I am really pleased to Baja Breeze is back.  HOWEVER.... I cannot... and I mean CANNOT believe that Kiwi Kiss is not returning!  AND It's also going to take me a long time to call Kraft Crumb Cake!

I love the layout for this card and it really is a great way to use up the smaller scraps of DSP.  Not only that, it's really quick to make, all it needs is a little DSP, a little ribbon and your scallop punch.  Also... this sentiment, from the Messages for Mom set, is just amazing.  "Thank you for always being there."  It's a sentiment I have found myself using very often.

So... the card drive......  We are doing a drive for cards for hugsandhope and Operation Write Home.  All you need to do is submit 10 hand-crafted cards, with envelopes, to me and you will be entered into a draw for....... $100 dollars worth of SU! goodies from the new 2010/2011 Idea Book and Catalog courtesy of MOI.  That's a lot of great goodies that you could be choosing from the new catty.  Every 10 cards you send gets you 1 entry into the draw.  Apart from the $100's worth of goodies you get, your gift of 10 cards makes either 10 children happy to receive them, or 10 members of the army happy to be able to send them, and 10 army family recipients happy to receive them. 

Please check out the requirements for both the charities, but generally, happy cards only for the children, with no "sorry to hear you aren't feeling well", or "get better soon" type of sentiments.  Happy messages only... like "wishing you a fabulous day", "wishing you a day filled with sunshine", "you are amazing".... that type of thing.

For Operation Write Home... please... no glitter.  Otherwise, any type of card will be useful.  "Missing you".  "Love You".  "Happy Birthday"..... anything goes -except glitter.

On our last drive we managed to collect over 800 cards for both charities.  That was pretty amazing.  With a lot of thanks to Brenda and Adelle, who really pushed up the numbers! You can see the pics of Brenda, Cherie, Bethany and I packing up the cards for posting here.  I think all of us would agree that it was an amazing feeling being able to participate in this. In fact, Lynn, continues to create cards to send to the children at hugsandhope, which is wonderful!  I know that she has made lots of sick children a little happier!

Well, in the time that I have been doing this post, the sun has completely set, the moon is white against a cobalt blue sky, and even the Cardinals have finally gone quiet.  I think it's time to call it a day.

I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday filled with love, laughter and the things that make you happy.

Lou has asked me to thank you all for your comments and wishes.  I really can't tell you how much he enjoys reading them.  Well..... that means you made two of us happy!

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to spend a little bit of your day in my area of the stamping blogosphere.  You know it is very much appreciated.




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Oh my goodness....I am in love with ALL of these cards! Just so sweet, clean & simple, and the colors are dee-vine!

Patricia Hoffman

Great cards, what one layout can look like with three different papers and embellishments. So very cute. This is going to be one of my CASE cards for the Card Drive. Hope you don't mind. I love simple but great layouts. I can't pick a favorite, I love them all. Speaking of Nurseries, I could easily spend all day in one, and so could my DH. Want to hear a funny story...when I was well, I used to do all of the gardening, and he would mumble and grumble about how much I spent on flowers and shrubs and such. Now He is Master of the garden because I can no longer do it. It has taken him several years, but he became very good at it once he figured out what he was doing. Well, long story short, the fact is that NOW that HE is KING of the Garden, money is NO OPTION when it comes to going to the Nursery! I have pointed this out to His Kingship, and think that it is just hilarious. Talk about a double standard. Your deck sounds like a little piece of Heaven. Sitting and watching the animals and birds, having your computer on your lap, and your champagne close by and of course your Love to spend time with. I am so happy that you are enjoying your vacation and time together, make it last, it will be over all too soon and reality will strike once again.

I would love to make cards for your Card Drive, but would you please let me know when they are due, so that I can plan for shipping to you. Thank you.

Blessings to Everyone, Cyber hugs, Trish in Wisconsin

Dee in N.H.

Snort, giggle! I must be the only one on this planet who is not a fan of Kiwi Kiss. I love all things green except that one. Go figure......
Anyway, Love your cards! And it sounds like you had a heavenly night on your deck. You MUST post some pics when you get your new stuff planted.
Hope you all had a great weekend!
Oh, and when do we need to get cards to you?

Lynn Hayes

Wonderful - ALL THREE! Love that simple layout. They are just great - and a fantastic way to use some of that DP.
I'll be working on cards for the drive.....when you do need them, etc.....?


Three cards from the same layout but yet they look so different! I never really used Kiwi Kiss until you encouraged me. Now I do love it. Glad I hoarded it!!!!

I am so glad you are able to spend time in the garden. I know what joy it can bring. Going to the nursery is always so exciting. My husband kids me about how I buy the plants, he plants and waters them. Then I step back and tell him how beautiful the yard is. Keep us posted on the new goodies in your yard.


Such a relaxing evening! Your deck sounds wonderful! These cards are super pretty. Love the CAS look of them! Enjoy your time with your sweetie!

Lesley :)

Beth Rigden

Cool cards-just the right touch of "extra" in them!
I will be working on the cards for the card drive, but I need to know when you need them. We leave Friday for our much anticipated trip to the Smoky Mountains and I do not think I will have much time this week or while we are gone. But I will be sure to get some cards to you! It was such a blessing to make them for a worthy cause. It was fun to use sets that I rarely used too!
Looking forward to making the cards for the card drive!

Ann Schach

It's interesting to see how the "feeling" of the card changes with the DSP and buttons. And like you, I am ecstatic that Baja Breeze is back (oh how I mourned its passing) but surprised that Kiwi Kiss did not make the cut! I so loved Kiwi Kiss!


I like the way you made three cards with the same layout look so different! These cards are easy enough for even me to make but pretty in every way! Thanks for reminding me that easy cards are just as pretty as extravagant ones! I too LOVE kiwi kiss! It is my go-to color! Hope your vacation continues to be a wonderful one!Enjoy it! You both deserve it!


Great cards, it's fun to see the same layout look so different. LOVE the little pearl hidden in the button. There goes that "Jaydee-ness" again! :0) I agree whole heartedly about Kiwi Kiss, it's my all time favorite SU color. So glad to hear your vacation is off to a great start. Continue to enjoy-you deserve it.
Happy Weekend to One & All.

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