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Paper Players Challenge 3 - Sneak Peek

Neopolitan Ice Cream

Hi Everyone.  Happy Friday Night.

Oh's officially the weekend, which means that I get time in my stamping space - and deck!  In fact, I am writing this post from my deck watching the moon rise above the trees.

Last night was a weird night weather wise.  Tornado touch downs in Rochester and many other places in the state.  It was exceptionally unexpected here.  We heard the sirens going off, but even our local television station was unaware of why.  Well, the rest of Rochester discovered why, but a little area where the tornado touched down knew last night.  Her's the link to the news tornado in Rochester.

It was far worse north and south of us, where 3 people lost their lives.  The one thing you become accustomed to having in areas like this - a basement.  You realize how vulnerable those without basements are.  My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the tornadoes last night.

Tonight's card is for a the justusgirlschallenge as well as a brand new challenge site - well brand new to me that is :-)The site is called Papertake Weekly challenge site.  Both sites have all sorts of different styles, guaranteed to inspired you.  So, mosey on over to both of these great sites and check them out.  The challenge at papertake - make a card based on your favorite ice cream flavors.  The challenge at justusgirls.... use these three colors: chocolate, light pink and vanilla!!!! So, great pairing for the challenges.  Also, I got to use three great ice cream flavors contained in Neopolitan ice cream.... Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla!

Before we get to that... I wanted to show you a picture of Bailey.  I set up the photo tent this evening to take pictures for tonight and tomorrow.  I turned around to take the cards out of the drawer and what do I find.....

errr... mother... you need to get a bigger photo tent because I can't see out of it..... TWIT.... he's way too big for this little photo tent... but Bailey has never been afraid to try to get into small spaces.  Yes, he has been known to get his head stuck in a little square tissue box.  Didn't his brain function enough to tell him that because he could get his snout in there - he couldn't necessarily get the rest of his body in.. NO!!! seems, Bailey's little synapses don't connect!

I thought you would enjoy this pic.

Baileytent (1)

Now, back to our regular programming.  Here's my card based on my favorite ice cream flavors.  Once again I decided to feature the Bella Toile background stamp.  I've seen a lot of cards lately that follow this format and I really like it.  It also gave me a chance to use some of the new colors.  I mixed Chocolate Chip with Early Espresso -hello, coffee ice cream anyone?  - Blushing Bride (didn't think I would like this color, but it works really well with this combination)... and, of course, very vanilla.

Pdcc65 (1) 

Card recipe:

  • Card stock:  Early Espresso, Very Vanilla, Blushing Bride
  • Stamps:  Bella Toile, Because I Care (sentiment)
  • Inks:  Chocolate Chip
  • Accessories:  Very Vanilla satin ribbon, chocolate chip corduroy button, twine
  • Tools:  Stamp-a-majig, needle, corner rounder

This is a card that you can easily adapt to any color combination and I love the clean lines. Instead of the background stamp, you could always highlight DSP instead... and, with the fabulous new DSPs in the catalog, you may very well feel the need to find a card layout that allows you to highlight them!

I have another couple of things to share with you tonight.  I saw a fabulous card that I think many of you will like. Tara created this gorgeous card for the palspaperarts challenge this week.  I saw it in the PPA gallery and it immediately caught my eye.  Here is Tara's card

Many of you may have seen the video of Susan Boyle from the British talent show last year.  Well, I found a video for a program that I don't watch.  America's Got Talent.  I was really astonished... no, in awe, of Alice Tan Ridley's rendition of "At Last" by the late, great, Etta James.  It's an incredibly difficult song to sing ....  Many karaoke versions... but true renditions are rare.  If you haven't seen the video of a woman who has spent 20 years singing in the NY underground, check this out.  Here's the link to Alice performing on America's Got Talent. 

It brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart... then... to bring it home...  here's the a home video (presumably taken on a cellphone) of Alice performing, "What's Love Got to do With it" in the NY subway.  Man... what an unbelievable talent.  I swear, I would love to have 1/100th of this talent!  I mean..I have an OK voice... I've been in choirs and can keep a tune.... but seriously.. this is TALENT.  How did ANYONE miss this woman and not make her famous.  We watch these wannabe's with mediocre talent on American Idol... and here is unbelievable, heartfelt, gut-wrenching talent.

Well, that's all for tonight.  A new challenge card for you tomorrow.  It's the Paper Players 3rd challenge.  Oh yeah... and its a sketch challenge.  So remember to check back tomorrow.

As always, hugs and prayers to all of you, Trish, Germaine, Beth and Lynn included.

Thank you so much to all of you for spending time in my little area of the stamping blogosphere.  Your visits, your support - and your comments, are much appreciated.




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Susan G

This is a very simplistic yet elegant card, so pretty!

Patricia Hoffman

I love the colors of your card. It's strange, but I found myself wearing a lot of those same colors this week.

Wonderful card. The way that you have done that stamping on the bottom half of the card makes it really look like fabric. I wonder if that is because of the color combo? I like where you stamped your sentiment and didn't feel the need to have to mount it on anything. Very clean and striking. I am going to have to make a mental note of how you have done your ribbon tails under the button. I think they also have a very clean look to them and I really like the effect. I was wondering why you chose to leave the top of the card plain rather than add some dry embossing? I don't think that it really very much like you. I pretty much always look for some sort of embossing on your cards. I do like the look though, it just adds to the clean lines and simpleness of the card. It reminds me very much of an elegant dress. One that would reach all the way to the floor. I would love to be wearing a dress that looked like your card! Great, great job, here Jaycee.

I flew (on my broom, I am not allowed to drive a car), over to Tara's Blog. Wow, her card is Beautiful. Those colors are the exact same colors that are in my bedroom. I like to think that it is Summer all year round. I also love the crispness of those combined colors. The added touch of the tiny butterflies just makes the card oh so special, in my book. Thanks for sharing the link with us. I am going to go back after I am finished here and look around some more.

I agree with you that Mary Boyle does have an incredible singing voice. I also really like, I am dating myself now, but she was 11 at the time and from Wales. Her name is Charlotte Church and she had the voice of an Angel. In fact that was the name of the first VCR Tape that was put out by her, and I still watch it every once in a while. I don't personally watch American Idol, but I do think that the Country Singer, Carrie Underwood that won a few seasons back is just incredible. She was inducted into the Grand 'old Opry on May 10th, 2008. Have you ever heard either of these two people sing, anyone? What do you think of them? I watched the video of Alice Tan performing in the Subway, and then I watched some more of them. Wow, I was blown away. She should be singing professionaly!!! I guess it is all in the connections that you have and the people that you know. Did any of you watch the video where all of the people joined in and were dancing around here. I started boppin' in my chair. Too funny. There are a lot of people that think that she is really great, but it takes that one Special one to find you.

I almost wet my pants, I was laughing so hard at the picture of Bailey. Where are his eye's. Oh's the half headed cat again! Run, run I tell you, run for your lives. Lol. Bailey is just too cute and too photogenic. We, I, whatever, have decided to adopt another cat. We are looking for one like "Magic", but any one that touches our hearts will work. I do hope that Molly will adjust. It has been just us and her for so long now. I am wondering what is the best way to do this. Do you think a kitten would be better or an older cat? Molly is pretty well up in years.

I was up all night last night again, and am well aware of all of the storms all over the country. What is this weather coming to? Let's all take a minute out of our Weekend to just stop and pray for everyone that has been affected by these terrible storms and tornado's, especially our neighboring States. We had our own tornado warning twice today, and there was a lot of damage west of us, but luckily we are safe as is the rest of our family. I feel just awful for those that have been uprooted litteraly by the tornado's and storms. Think of the families with missing ones or ones that lost thier lives from this tragedy. Thank you everyone.

I am glad that your man Lou is home again safe and sound and that you will get to spend some time on your deck. It will be very hot and humid here so I will be staying indoors except for my PT appt on Saturday morning and Doctor appt. Saturday afternoon. What freaken' crazy Doctor has office hours on Saturday afternoon's? Only mine I guess. Just to tee me off and mess with my weekend. Lol

My Prayers for Germaine, Honey I hope you feel some refief soon, Beth and Lynn I will be remembering you also.

I hope everyone has a great weekend~

Cyber hugs, Trish in Wisconsin


Your card is simple yet elegant and so beautiful. Will take a look at the new challenge site - I enjoy doing challenges. Love the photo of your kitty. Love Susan Boyle - have two of her songs on my iPod. Will take a look at the video. Thanks for all of the info (and eye candy). We had a terrible storm here in Illinois last night, too. Our weather has been very strange for several weeks.

Beth Rigden

Beautiful-again! You really have a talent for putting things together Jaydee! I love the softness of this card and it is so elegant. Perfect for many occasions!
I love the photo of Bailey! What a ham!! I think he likes to get his pictures in your blog once in a while too!
Enjoy your weekend!

Kadie in Arizona

Okay Jaydee: Not sure who get's my biggest vote - Bailey, without a doubt has to be the most challenged cat (and I do mean that in the most loving way-because my Cat Spike was exactly the same way)......However...Your card is so BEAUTIFUL tonight........BUT.....Alice is without a doubt the most talented young lady I've seen singing in the subway-In a long time! WOW - how amazing that these songs were captured on video and they even got her on America's Got Talent. UNBELIEVEABLE! Have to tell you that I ended up wactching all the video's there were on her......LOVED Proud Mary-WOW.

Once again Jaydee - you amaze me with your talent and endless amounts of information you get packed onto your blog - You Rock Girlfriend. Thanks for Sharing (all). Hugs-Kadie in Arizona


I love your card Jaydee; it is so elegant and the colours work so well together. I've really enjoyed reading your blog - thanks for sharing so much. Thank you also for taking the time to join us at Papertake Weekly. Good luck!

Lynn Hayes

Lovely card! So elegant.
The picture of Bailey is precious!!!!! How funny. I'm still laughing!


It's been a crazy day here at the Jensen house but I couldn't go another day without commenting. What a yummy card Jaydee! I'm glad that I looked at this AFTER my run-my will power is stronger and I just may be able to ward off the ice cream craving you've passed along. :0) I love these colors and am looking forward to playing with them this evening (THANK YOU!)
Hope you got to enjoy this beautiful day with some time on your deck.
Thoughts and Prayers to my ailing cyber friends. Have an awesome weekend One & All.

Ann Schach

Very pretty, Jaydee! A classy card!

Nance Leedy (Canopy Crafts)

Jaydee, this card is gorgeous! So simple and elegant. Your color combination is perfect for the simple sophistication of the design. And, you're right it's perfect for featuring dsp. I was so inspired by your card that I made a Greenhouse Gala version. I'd love for you to check it out:
Thanks so much for the inspiration--your work is fabulous!

Stampin Pam

Beautiful card - clean simple lines yet stunning in pattern and design. Well done. Thanks for coloring along with JUGS this week :-) Thank you also for the info about the tornado - I have friends in SW ROchester and had not heard about this - I also love the cat in the light tent photo - hysterical - which photo tent did you get? I'm looking for one - can you take a pic of it sans kitty?

K Berthiaume

What a lovely card! Boy I would not want to live where you live it sounds so scary! Stay safe! LOL! My cat loves to sit in my photo tent too! Gotta love em'

Thanks for joining in this weeks color challenge at Just Us Girls!

Maria Levine

Oh that cute cat, that's too funny! Great card, nice job with the color challenge. THanks for playing along with JUGS this week!

Andrea M

Simple, elegant, beautiful!!! This is my kinda card! I love every bit of it, down to the corduroy button :) Wonderful work. Thanks so much for playing along with Just Us Girls this week :)

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