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Coloring with Classic Inks and Blender Pens: Technique Tuesday

Hi Everyone.  Happy Tuesday night.

I promised you a technique video tonight and you voted to see me using the Classic Inks with Blender Pen technique.  I used the image from Angelic Joy to color.  The reason I used this image, is that it has a fair amount of surface space to color - and, of course, it is such a gorgeous image! 

Now.... my regular visitors will know that I am not that adept with my camera, with my editing software and that I am new to this whole video thing.  So, please excuse my bloopers.

I have not embedded the video directly into my post, as it makes it a very "heavy" page to view, so here is the link to my mobileme gallery where you can view the video.


I did try to insert as many tips as I could whilst I was coloring for you.  Let me just remind you of a couple of key things:

  • I used Whisper White card stock
  • Classic Inks:  Riding Hood Red, Soft Suede, Sahara Sand, So Saffron, More Mustard
  • Markers:  So Saffron, Rose Red
  • Tools:  StazOn black, Stampin' Up Blender Pens
  • Tips: 
    • Use a very light touch otherwise you saturate the paper.  Which you don't want to do when you are using normal card stock
    • When coloring with my blender pens I tend to use strokes rather than small circles.  The opposite of what I use when I color with alcohol markers
    • Start with your lighter colors first and then add the darker layers
    • Try to color one area of the image at a time to retain consistency
    • Remember:  you are not going for perfection with your coloring when you are using this technique.  What you do get though is light and dark, depth and, because you are using the normal card stock, you often end up with a little bit of texture.  This actually adds to the overall look and adds interest.

I really enjoy coloring, I find it very restful and almost meditative.  Take your time and practice really does make perfect.

I hope you enjoy the video and that you learn something from it.  I did do another video using exactly the same image, but coloring with Copic markers.  Why do I use both?  Well, at first it was because everyone was raving about Copics and I had to give them a try.  I love using Copics.  HOWEVER, I don't always prefer them.  Copics are great if perfection is what you are aiming at - and you take the time to learn how to shade and blend, etc.  For me.... it isn't always what I am looking for.  Also, Copics are very intense and sometimes, I don't want that.  It's all about preference.    Also, you cannot use your Copics on your stamps the way you can with your markers.  The Stampin' Write markers are so useful for images where you want to use different colors on a stamp.  I love them for that.  If you do try Copics, you need more than one color in the same range - a minimum of 2-3 - as that is the way that you work with the blending and shading.  If you don't want all that blending and shading, then Copics are overkill.  You may as well really stick with your markers or using your inks.  It's horses for courses - and most time my course is with my Stampin' Write markers  (BTW If you are an SU demo, I am sure you get asked this question often by clients, it's good to understand about Copics so that you can answer the question. :-)....)

I will post the next video on.... yep... you guessed it... TUESDAY.  I will try to make Tuesday's a technique night for you.

I would appreciate one thing... if you like the video and you do find it informative, I'd be very grateful if you would pass along the link to anyone you think might learn something from it.  :-)

On a personal note

The weather was warm here again today, but not as warm as you guys are experiencing on the West Coast.  Looks like summer has finally arrived for you.  Because we still have so much water around, it was really humid today.

Charlie (aka Prince Pipsqueak) is pigrooting around chasing his little ball.  He really is the cutest little thing.  Mind you, I've decided to call him Damien.  Anyone remember The Omen?  Yep.... one minute he is adorably sweet and all chittery and the next... I swear he runs around like he is possessed.  I really had forgotten what it was like to have a kitten in the house.  Mind you, it is very gratifying to see that he is now behaving like a kitten, learning how to play and is also sleeping deeply.

Shout out tonight to JANNA..... Oh YEAH!  Janna's gorgeous cards arrived tonight for the Operation Write Home card drive.  You guys rock.  Janna, I know you were not feeling well, so thank you so much for getting the cards done and sent out to me.  You really have brightened the day for so many servicemen/women and their families.  Thank you!

Well, I am off to try to make a card.  Maybe I will get one done tonight.... I thank you for all for spending a little time in my area of the stamping blogosphere.  Your visits, your support and your comments are what make this blog what it is.

Prayers tonight for Germaine, T, Pri, John & Sue.  For Lesley, Rach, Adelle and their furbabies.  For Cam - hope you are having a great week.

Hugs to you all



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Janna B.

I'm so glad that you received my cards. That was much faster than the man at the post office predicted they would arrive.
Thank you for showing the video. I really like your accent and your voice. I really have a new respect for your cards and for the videos. Watching you color made me realize how much time you're willing to spend on one card (and then also the time you spend putting the video together). I still have much to learn so that when I grow up I can create cards as beautiful as yours. :P
I like the new name- Damien, it seems to fit. Does he like his new name?
Hugs and prayers to all!


Thank you so much for the video. Never knew how to correctly use the blender pens. No wonder I was having poor results! I can hardly wait to try this technique (tomorrow). It's too hot to go outside so what better way to spend the day than in the air conditioning playing!


What a wonderful video, Jaydee. Thank you so much for taking the time to film it, edit it and post it for us. :o)

Damien? I love it! What a perfect name for kitty boy. ;o)

Prayers for all.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Beth Rigden

Thanks for the great tips on using blender pens. (no pun intended :)) You are getting to be quite the pro with these videos! Thanks so much!

Ann Schach

Fabulous video, Jaydee! Your videos are so professional!

Jan Adams

Thanks for another excellent video tutorial, Jaydee. I also was not using my inks and blender pen correctly, so had given up and instead have been using the inks with an aqua pen. Now I will try again and hopefully I will have better results! Thanks again for taking time from your busy schedule to make the video.

Doris D.

WOW! What an informative video. I did not know how to get ink on the blender pen like that before. Your tips are right on and I love your videos. Please keep them coming.


Jaydee, thanks so much for showing us how to use the blender pen to color. I did not know that you can directly pick up the color that way. I have always pressed the ink pad to squeeze out the ink onto the lid and then pick up that way. Also, my coloring always turns out blotchy when I use regular cardstock. That's why I always use watercolor paper. I'll have to try your technique. Neato!!!
I was wondering why you use the marker to color in the last phase? And to use a different color (rose red) than the original color (riding hood red), why not use rose red marker and "skip" the blender pen? I really like the your finished color. It's very rich. You can't see that from the finished color until you see the video and see what all you have to do to get there. Awesome video.


Cam - that's a really good question. Why not color directly with the Rose Red marker? Several reasons... generally Rose Red is way too pink for the color I was going for. On it's own a single color is very flat. I find that if I start with the classic ink, I can lay down the first layer of color and then can create shadows and lightness when I layer with classic ink. Sometimes, I choose to add a layer of marker. This gives a much richer, more intense color. BUT... having done the layer of classic ink first, means that I can still have the look that I want. Also.... sometimes, just working with the inks give me the right layer of depth. Going straight to markers, doesn't allow me to decide whether to go that extra level of intensity. Basically... it's just flat when I used the marker.

Why Rose Red on top of Riding Hood Red? Because, when I lay RHR down with the blender, it tends to a little bit of pinkness. I picked up on the pinkness with the Rose Red. However, when you look at the finished product, it looks like rich velvet... It doesn't look pink.

Basically, it's a matter of preference.
Hope that helps


Jaydee, thanks for the detailed answer. This has enlighten my interest in watercoloring. I have almost given up on it because I couldn't get the result I wanted using regular cardstock. Now, I can try again with your technique.

Nance Leedy (Canopy Crafts)

Thank you so much for this video, Jaydee! Great technique with the blender pens--you make it look so easy! was so cool to hear your voice!

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