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Because I Care - Moxie and beyondblue

Hi Everyone.  Happy Monday night.

Tonight's card was created from the inspiration photo across at moxiefabworldBold and Beautiful Blue Wallpaper from Apartment Therapy I am not sure I could live in this room, but it sure is a beautiful picture.  Additionally, the talented team across at just-add-ink had a theme this week.  The theme.  Anxiety and Depression Awareness month.  My regular readers may remember why this cause is so important to me.  So, it was great that I could combine both challenges.

So what inspired me?  Obviously the patterned wallpaper.  The shiny fabric on the chair.  The touch of pink.  the flowers.  The rich espresso color and the square angles on the coffee table juxtaposed with the round shapes of the chair.  the different shades of blue.

So, using one of my favorite fall to layouts - this is what I came up with.


Card recipe:

So, can you see the inspiration?  If you look closely, you will notice a couple of dew drops on the flower.  I wanted a little reflective, glassy quality that is in the inspiration photo - but wanted something really subtle.  I used my Crystal Effects to make this.

On the personal front:  not much to talk about tonight.  It was a 14 hour day for me today and I am pretty beat.  This week is going to be like this for the whole week, I think.  I get a quick break on Wednesday to go to the dentist.  Oh Yeah!!!!  RIGHT!  But, at least my permanent bridge will be in and ... hopefully that will be my last trip to the dentist for anything other than routine maintenance!

A couple of people to add to our prayer list tonight.  One is my surrogate Mom... well, let me explain surrogate.... My parents died when I was in my 20s.  They died within a couple of months of each other.  My best friend's mom, whom I have known since I was 7, told me that no-one should be without their mother and that she would take over the responsibilty of being my surrogate mother now that my own was gone.  She is such a geninune, loving, caring woman who is now in her late 80s.  Mind you, she was a firebrand that I was terrified of when I was 7 I can tell you.  SHe's a tiny little package, but she knew how to control children :-)  Anyway, she has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  The doctors feel that they can treat her - even at her advanced age.  She goes in for a pre op assessment tomorrow and then surgery on the 23rd.  Please include her in your prayer list for me.

Soozie has also asked that we add her mom to the prayer list.  Soozie's mom is 91 and fell and broke her hip.  They are taking her in for surgery tomorrow to do a repair.  Surgery is always risky - and for women the age of Rose, and Soozie's mom - there are always additional risks.  So, please add Soozie's mom, and her family to your prayer list.

So, prayers tonight for:  Rose, Soozie's mom, Robin's friend Robin and "dumpling".  For Germaine, Pri, John & Sue.  Rach, Adelle, Lesley and their furbabies.  For those of you who need a little lift.

As always, thank you so much for spending time visiting me.  You know I appreciate it.  I also appreciate your comments.

Remember, smile - you may change a stranger's life.