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21 October 2010


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That is one blinged out our butterfly!!! Beautiful card. Thanks for playing along with us at Pals Paper Arts!!

Andrea Ewen

Great wedding card! Love how you outlined the butterfly in pearls...what a wonderful accent! Thanks for playing along with us at CASE Study Challenges!


Wow, this is a great card! I'm sure I've never seen so much bling on one card before, lol! Thanks for playing!! :)


This is a stunning mix of pearls, bling and butterflies!! Your colour choice is absolutely perfect! thanks for bringing your creation to CASE study for all to see and be inspired by!! :)

Lynn Hayes

ALOT of bling - and just oh, so pretty! Love it.

Beth Rigden

What a beautiful card for a wedding! You really used your creative skills-and pearls (!) on this one. I love the colors too.
Enjoy your timne with Lou!


Okay, this card is just FUN! Lil said she "LOVES it!". :o) Talk about blingin' out a card. Wow!

Germaine, so good to hear from you. You and Pri continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Jaydee, I'm SO happy Lou is coming home. I'm sure you are used to him traveling, but it's always nice for them to be where they belong--by our sides. :o)

Prayers to all who are in need.

Happy Friday!


I'm blinded! Being the magpie that I am I LOVE the bling, and as always I'm amazed at your execution. If I'd tried to this I'd look like a 4 year old did it, but yours is perfect. I like the little trail behind the butterfly and the big pearl after the Mrs just seals the deal. FANTASTIC!
So glad to hear Lou is on the way home, hope you two get to enjoy some of the sunshine today. It's supposed to be the last nice day for a while~70 degrees at the end of October? I'll take it!
Germaine, it was so good to see you commenting today. You and Pri continue to be in my prayers, sending a hug your way. Have a wonderful Friday One & All!


Wow, that is a lot of bling! I wouldn't have the patience to put that much on. Nice wedding card ya have there....I need that card! lol
Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy Lou being home.

Jan Adams

I do love this card, rather yummy! I use my butterfly die a lot, a little bit different to yours. Love the colours you used, Marina Mist will be on my next SU order! There is so much in our SU catalogue that I just "have to have"!!


I do love butterflies..... your card is simply breathtaking and beautiful! Thank you for thinking of me Jaydee, will write soon, our internet is so slow, I go to sleep.... take care all of you I do think of you all and thank each one for your prayers, I am doing much better, but there are some scary moments! Pri came home Tuesday evening, and we got a couple of hours to chat, it seemed like she had so much to say, so I just shut up and listened... Chris dropped her back to her place and I cried all evening/night - although I must say I was happy for her making the attempt to come home to see me! Praise the Lord! She seems to be doing all right, but deep inside I think it is another story!! I tried very hard not to say anything!! Have a wonderful weekend ladies - Love and hugs to all!

Ann Schach

Wow, wow, wow! This is absolutely fabulous! Thanks for playing at Pals Paper Arts!


Jaydee, yes, my mom's surgery went well! But then she had some heart issues in recovery, so she ended up in ICU for 24 hours. That was scary because I didn't know why and it was really just a precaution. She did well today and they got her UP and walking a little with a walker.

They say she's doing amazingly well, compared to most 90-year-old ladies having this surgery. She's also entertaining them all with her funny comments! She also told me to be quiet and let the physical therapist do her work (when I was cheering her on!). That's just how she is - feisty, and that's probably why she's hung in there so long.

LOVE your card, Jaydee! You used a LOT of your bling on that card! I always think about if I want to use a whole string of pearls/rhinestones! Heehee....


Linda Callahan

Oh! Wow! How gorgeous is this! Over the top bling and I love it! So glad you shared it at PPA!

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