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11 October 2010


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Lynn Hayes

So pretty, Jaydee. Love that clean and simple - yet so elegant look. Just beautiful. And you just can't hardly beat red, black, and white together!
KEEP the Grackles up there - PLEASE!!! We already have enough down here in Texas. There are just way too many and they really make a mess to be honest! I never realized yall had them up there too.


Lovely card. I'm going to try it in pink just for fun! Never thought about "hardware" being manly. Makes it easier to do a masculine card now!

Glad the yard is in. I hope there is still good weather to enjoy it. Here it is beautiful-just like every autumn. It is our best season. Warm days cooler nights.

Safe travels for Lou. Enjoy your time apart, it makes the times together better.


Love it! The buckle is great and love how you done it. I have the *Love* wheel and used it a lot for the *V* day this year. Oh that is a long time to be gone for Lou, hope every day goes faster and faster for him and you. John just left this morning, but short trip, will be back home Wed night. Would love to see some more pix of the landscaping. Have a great day!
Did you package arrive yet?


You are one of the most caring bloggers I read. You would be wonderful to have as a friend IRL. Love your card. That buckle is a beautiful addition. Glad the airport staff was on top of making sure the plane's weight was proper. Weight and balance - essential for safe flight. We are changing John's meds - he's been dizzy and light-headed lately and as he told the doctor "I don't feel like I'm living." He really wants to get off all of the meds and is going on a diet and exercise regimen. Not sure how it will go as he does love to eat.


I had to LOL about Lou's comment about the ribbon and "hardware". Hee hee! Brien has had some thoughts about me making a "masculine" card and then adding bows, calling them "all sorts of gender confused".

That said, the card is truly striking. I SO love black, red and white as a color combo. :o)

Hooray for landscaping. I can't wait to "see" it this spring! Oh, and the farmers' market? I'm SO jealous! September and October a very busy travel times for us so I miss getting out to get lovely produce. The last FM of the season is Oct. 30 and I'm so sad. :o(

I'm sorry Lou will be traveling for two weeks. Ick. Brien's leaving for three days and I'm about to melt into a puddle of "Don't leave me!". ;o)

Prayers and hugs for those in need.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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