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16 October 2010


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Nance Leedy (Canopy Crafts)

Oh. My. GoodNESS! This is pure gorgeousness Jaydee! Your coloring is supreme--I thought that was DSP not a stamp that you colored. And the glass glitter is just the perfect touch. Gor-guss!


What a beautiful card Jaydee!!! All those intricate cutting of the flowers/pine needles show how much pastience you are putting in this card, not to mention those glitters. You are amazing. I really like the different coloring of the green to show different depths. And yeah, those nestabilities, it is very convincing - ie, I need to have/get that. :-) The ribbons just add the finishing touch perfectly.


Oh my, what a beautiful card! You never cease to amaze me with what you do, particularly since you have a whole other profession keeping you full time busy. Love love love it. I hope I have that nestic so I can make your card - it's SO lovely.
So glad to hear your card drive was a success. What a wonderful thing you do.


WOW! I agree with Missy, this is certainly one of my faves. I can't wait to try the double ribbon technique.
Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of the OWH crd drive-I'm amazed.
Warm thoughts and hugs to those in need (good to see you commenting Germaine!) and wishes for a great day to One & All.


Love, love your card Jaydee, and must say it is so gorgeous! I have been doing well and for the first time enjoyed my weekend, just staying in and chatting with my friends that visited us from south London! Take care my cyber friends, and prayers to all that need it! it is cold outside, our heating has come on.. and I am having my Studio sorted out - still in pain with my hands, but I am alive and happy!! Bye for now, HUgs always! G

Lynn Hayes

Your card is not only pretty - it's GORGEOUS! Fantastic holiday card.


Hi Jaydee! I'm sorry I've missed the past couple of posts--I've been a bit distracted.

This card is gorgeous! I have the glass glitter on my next order. :o)

Woo hoo on the OWH cards! I'm sorry I didn't manage to get any to you this time around. :oS I can't wait to see how many you did get, though! You have a generous bunch of readers. :o)

Thank you for the prayers for Robin and Dumpling. I have posted an update on my blog. Dumpling is thriving, but Robin continues to struggle. :o(


Fabulous card. Love those Nestabilities!

Beth Rigden


Ann Schach

This is the type of card that I which I could create! Gorgeous!


Ya think that is a pretty card Jaydee? Ya bet it is! Have a great Sunday gf!


Love the gold glass glitter! This card is awesome Jaydee.


Hi Jaydee! I can say this card is gorgeous! I have to say it would be up there with one of my favorites! I haven't gotten to visit much in the past month or so! I can see I have missed a lot! But maybe things will settle down some where I can catch up eventually!
Prayers to everyone in need!


I must agree - gorgeous card.

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