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Technique Tuesday - tying ribbon knots

Hi Everyone.

Happy Tuesday and welcome to Technique Tuesday.  This week I have a quick video for you.  Many of you comment on my ribbon knots on my cards and have asked me to show you how I do them. 

This video tutorial is complementary to the bow tying video that I did a few weeks ago.  You can find that video at this link.

Tying a knot in a single piece of ribbon, is really easy, there are just a couple of key things to remember.  Once you learn how to do this, I promise you, every ribbon will look great.  It doesn't depend on wide ribbon, or narrow ribbon - all ribbon works well with this technique.

All you need to do is click on the screenshot below.

Screen shot 2010-10-25 at 10.22.20 PM

Next week's Technique Tuesday is on how to use stencils on your cards.  I hope you will stop by next Tuesday to check out my new video.

On a personal note:  running around trying to get everything finished at work before I switch off my PC for two weeks and don't answer my cellphone, get on conference calls, have to make presentations, nothing... oh yeah... it's time spent not doing these things that makes it worth while!

As always, prayers for those in need - and for those that need a little lift.  For Rose... she had her procedure and we now have to wait 3 weeks to see what the outcome is.  Good news to report on Rach's friend Robin and her little boy "dumpling".  Dumpling is doing well, but still in hospital.  Rach is home, although still trying to recover some of her mental function after the bleeding in her brain.  For Arthur as he gets ready for his procedure on the 4th.  For Germaine, T, Pri.

Have a fabulous Wednesday everyone.

Don't forget - smile at a stranger... it may change their life.