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Hi Everyone. Happy Tuesday night. I hope you are all having a great week so far. Now.. I have to tell you that Lou came home tonight, stuck out his tongue and said.... "nah. nah. nah. nah. nah. Told you so! The Ladies all agreed with me!" He was talking about you all agreeing with him that the card from last night's post with the glitter was the best one. Mmmm.... so, I decided to let him know how I feel about this - tongue in cheek of course! Actually, you all seemed to enjoy the gingerbread man card so... Read more →

Hi Everyone. Happy Monday night. I created tonight's card for the 2sketches4you challenge last week. Unfortunately, I didn't get to put up the card in time to meet the challenge deadline. None of you have ever had that problem, right? This card is also an illustration of having things that you don't use very often and then thinking....mmmm... something isn't quite right here. I wanted to make the snow glisten with embossing powder. When I was applying the embossing powder I thought...mmmmm... don't remember it being this coarse before! Well duh! That's because I was using glitter and not the... Read more →

Hi Everyone. Happy Sunday night. I hope you all had a truly fabulous long weekend. As many of you seem to have had birthdays in the last two weeks, I thought I would combine a brand new stamp set I bought with the Moxiefabworld challenge this week. the challenge? Snow and Gingerbread. The inspiration photograph was this wonderful gingerbread snowflake from Martha Stewart. I saw this and thought... mmmm... that stamp set I bought would work perfectly. My regular readers will know by now that I have a slightly warped sense of humour, so this set really appealed to me.... Read more →

Hi Everyone. Happy Saturday night. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed your time spent with friends and family. Lou and I had a quiet day at home and just chilled. It was wonderful. The fact that our house is finally nice and warm helped, too! :-) On to tonight's card. The challenge? Before Trish died, she asked me to let you all know what I used for inspiration. Many times I don't have one, but in this case I do! Whilst Lou and I were on the ship, I took some photographs of a glass wall... Read more →

Hi everyone. As we all get ready to give thanks, I wanted to express my thanks to all of you for your support - and in some cases, your friendship. Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you. I'd also like to wish Brenda a belated birthday and say happy birthday to Rach! I will be spending time with Lou tomorrow, giving thanks for all the good things that have happened to us this year. I'll be back with a new blogpost on Friday. Continued prayers to those of you who need a little lift. Hugs Jaydee Read more →