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Hi Everyone.  Happy Friday night.  I hope you all had a great week.

It's Friday..... Oh! Yeah!  I managed to get my challenge card done tonight for the Paper Players challenge.  I rarely get my card done before the very last minute.  This week, I was a whole 18 hours early!  Mmmmm.... took me 3 goes before I got a card I was happy with - but I got it done!

I wanted to share a special card with you tonight.  I loved this card when I got it in the regional swap.  Diane, who made the card, made them in 4 different base colors.  I thought they were amazing.  There is so much detail and thought in this card.  It made me happy.

Well, it was so good, that Shelli Gardner (CEO and co-founder of Stampin' Up!) judged it as 1 of 2 of the best cards entered into the swap box at regionals.  I know you will love it, too!


Isn't that just the cutest thing!!! I love the way she cut out the hole in the "tree".  I love the way she cut out the "tree".  I love the vest on the owl!  I love the punched out heart.  I love the leaves and the branches.  I love the black to play off of the Poppy Parade.  I love the triple punched circles for the owls eyes..... and I absolutely love the googly eyes on the owl!  Just absolutely fabulous.  No other words needed.  Pure fantabulous-ness.

Now, I would love to give you a link to Diane's blog, but unfortunately she didn't put a blog address on her card.  However, Diane D'Allesandro - you rock - and so does this card!

On a personal note:  Housework and stamping tomorrow.. hopefully.  I need to get some cards made for the upcoming week.  So, hopefully my mojo will be flowing and I can get some cards made.  Not before I have done housework though.   Last weekend, I made up some of the fabulous air freshner concoction that I learned from the fabulous Rach.  For some reason, it really hung around the house this week.  I could still get snippets of smell from the mixture on Wednesday.  So, Rach, thank you!!!!!  You can see Rach's original post here.

Prayers tonight for those who need a little lift - or a warm hug.  Continued prayers also for those in New Zealand.  I saw a slide show on MSNBC today.  It really brings home the devastation.




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Beth Rigden

What a wonderful card! I am inspired!


That is such a wonderful card--such a creative use of stamps and punches. Thank you for sharing it with us!

I was just thinking Lil and I needed to make some carpet freshner...I'm so happy to have helped. :o) And, thanks for that peek into my archives. I don't go visit there as much as I should. Hm.

Yes, absolutely, prayers for those in NZ--how utterly devastating.


Laurie Zoellmer

Hi Jaydee! I was looking through my swaps from Mpls Regionals and realized I swapped with you and didn't even know it! Twice! We must have swapped 2 for 2...LOL! I was so bummed, because I would have loved to say HI to you!!! Your swaps were GORGEOUS!!!

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