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24 February 2011


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Adelle... you know I love my nesties... the only problem with my nesties is that I don't have the flexibility to get exactly the right size circle. thats where the circle scissor plus shines. That's why I have both! :-) in terms of getting the paper off the matt.. you know, I hadn't thought about it and I hadn't thought about how I do it. I wouldnt use a paper piercer because you are likely to get marks from that. I'm thinking what might work - a letter opener, a piece of card stock... something that you could gently push under the card stock. I'll have to try it and get back to you on that.


Thanks for a wonderful video. I do everything you suggest. This tool is still too difficult to use. I am so glad you introduced me to nestabilities. They are so much easier to use.

I will pull out my circle scissor (which I felt like I had to have) and try again. Maybe practice will help. Jaydee, I always have difficulty getting the circle off the mat. I noticed you used your fingernail and slid it under the circle. This step always if difficult and I usually end up with a slight mark. Maybe I should try the paper piercer.

Raining cats and dogs here today. Perfect for making circles!
enjoy your day

Beth Rigden

I have never seen this tool demonstrated-good job and great tips! Thanks!


I don't own a Circle Scissor Plus, but the video was still quite helpful and informative. Thank you, as always, for taking the time to not only film, but also edit the videos for us. You are a doll! :o)

I heard the NZ casualty total was up over 113. :o( My prayers for them as they continue to search for survivors. Prayers for all those in need and for those who need a lift.

Jaydee, as always, thanks for this wonderful place you have created for us.


Anne Marie Hile

Jaydee, I have absolutely FOUGHT with this tool since I purchased it...until tonight! I followed your tips and OH. MY. WORD...I finally made friends with my Circle Scissor Plus! You shared some fantastic tips and they really work! Eeeek! *I'm jumping up and down because I removed the tool from my "to sell" pile tonight* Not kidding, it was locked away (punished, haha!) in the closet! Thank you SO much for sharing this tonight! Big hugs to you!


Jaydee, thanks for these wonderful tips! I do most of those things, but I think I need more practice, and to always start at 12:00 and to make sure it's just one motion. I much prefer putting the Dotto on the glass mat rather than on the cardstock, so thanks for confirming that!


Susan, aka Soozie4Him

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