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18 March 2011


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Hey Jaydee! I'm stopping for a bit of a breather before I begin unloading boxes again. I've finished painting one room--only one to go. AND, the new carpet is DIVINE! :o)

This card is beyond adorable. Sometimes the most effective cards are the ones that take us only moments to create. This one really does it for me. :o)

My heart hurts so much for those in Japan. I've donated to a few different relief organizations and just wish there were something, *ANYTHING* more I could do. :o(

My prayers for all affected by this terrible tragedy.

Hope everyone is well.

Hugs to you all! :o)

Ann Schach

Thank you for your informative post. The moving video about the dogs prompted the Twins and I to head to the WSPCA site. I had already donated to the Red Cross, and we will now be donating to WSPCA to help our animal friends.


My heart just breaks watching those 2 videos Jaydee! Thank you for sharing the information with us! This is a reminder to me that no matter what you are going through there is ALWAYS someone going through something worse! This is devastating! I can't even imagine what all of those people are going through right now!
My thoughts & prayers are also with the people of Japan.


AAwww, this is so adorable. Thanks for the reminder that we can do something in the face of such tragedies. SU is a VERY benevolent company and I highly respect them for that.

Anne Marie Hile

Jaydee, thank you for your post tonight! So much can be done to help in Japan right now. Every single donation counts, no matter how large or small. Spreading the word, is so important. I am in tears after clicking the links you shared. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan and it truly puts things in perspective. Hugs!

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