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29 March 2011


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Nance Leedy

Hi Jaydee! I love, love this one too. Such a great idea to show a one-layer version of your sketch card. I love the clear block stamping. Thank you so much for the shout-out and your kind words...you made my day! Big hugs, my friend.

Jeanne Henson

Happy last day of March! Me - I like the layers best on this one, however it is a great idea to show us both, if you have the energy to do that. No need to stress - do like you tell us...love what you do! Thanks Jaydee. Hope you are healing quickly!

Beth Rigden

I love the idea of a simpler card being shown too. I love the look of both of these cards!

Christy Q

What a beautiful card - I love this look as well. I'm all about CAS so this really appeals to me. Love how you used the block to create that vertical panel. Fabulous!

Cindy Beach

Hi Jaydee,
I so enjoyed reading your post and didn't hesitate a minute to answer your question. Your one layer ROCKS! and is definitely my favorite. There is something about CAS done really well like you have here - that puts all the focus on the stamps. Love it!

Linda Rodgers

I love this card! I like it even more than the 'fancy' version. And I REALLY love the idea of your doing a weekly version of fancy, then plain but elegant. I think that would be very useful for many people. Super idea, Jaydee!

Janna B.

Loving the cards Jaydee. It's really fun to see the detailed one, but then to see one that is so similar, yet so different for the simple one. I love seeing the differences. Keep it up!

Good luck on the exercising! I know it's not fun, but it must be done. Keep up the good work. Every little bit helps!


Jaydee you just keep surprising me over and over again! I love the card! Yes, I love my layers and you know me *lumpy* BUT love how you done this card. I would be interested in seeing anything that you come up with..layers or non layers. Glad you are getting some down time to do things that you love to do. Oh we are so waiting for the warm weather here in Ohio to get out the lawn stuff and sit next to the pool and enjoy and few drinks (oh *sigh*) cause it will be a good month or two before we get to do that. It is suppose to snow here tomorrow..ugh!
Sorry about Lou not being home and away again, I know the feeling...John is on the road a lot here lately too. Don't want to rush our lives, but I will be so glad when he can retire in 3 more years...yay! Have a great day! : )


Oh oh oh! This card just CALLS to me! While I really like my layers, sometimes, the one layer, CAS card just makes my heart happy. I actually prefer this one. I think the simplicity of it really sets off the butterfly and the sentiment. I LOVE it! :o)

I'm SO sorry Lou is away--*again*. :sigh: But, how fun to catch up on your UK shows and to be able to do so with only the fur babies to distract you.

And, WTG on the exercise! :o) I'm getting back into my groove as well. :o)



Lovely card but I really do like the layers. I'm sure someone would appreciate either one!

I have fallen in love with "Doc Martin". Try it out-wonderfully British!

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