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17 March 2011


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Meg McGarry

WOW! I loved this rose when I saw it and now I can make them too! Thank you so much for this fantastic tutorial!

Beth Rigden

Great video and so helpful. How in the world do you come up with these ideas? I will be sure to try this technique very soon!
Hope your fingers are feeling better--ice and Advil may help. And just think--you can read with sore fingers! So sit down with a cup of tea and do some reading! Enjoy your weekend!

Marge Penley

Thank you, thank you for the tutorial on making a rose. I would never have tried it without the video which was so clearly done. I think I'll do a card with a rose for my next Stamp Camp.

Hope your fingers heal quickly. Marge


Ouch! Sorry to hear about the scrunched fingers. Love the rose! I'm going to try and see if a super klutz can do this.

Linda Lapotka

Thank you so much! that is wonderful. I will have to give it a try.
So sorry to hear about your hand. You will just have to take a few days to sit and read.
Hoping it heals soon.


So sorry to hear about your hand. Maybe an x ray? Fingers do break!!!!

Your video was great. The flowers looked like too much work so I didn't think I would be interested. Really easy. My project for the future!


Oh ouchie!!! I want to see your video but I've nearly used all of my bytes for the month and I still have 14 days left. Hopefully I'll remember to re-visit this post.


OH I know that hurts Jaydee! You will hit those fingers a hundred more times before its over with! Or at least that's what happens to me when I get injured! I hope it heals quickly for you! Thank you for doing the video! I haven't watched it yet but I will! I guess after today I will have time to watch it now with no job huh! Hope everyone has a nice weekend!
Prayers to all who are in need!

Ann Schach

Oh, Jaydee! I hope that fingers heal quickly! Ouch!!!

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