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Joan of Arc

Hi Everyone.

I thought I would change things up a little tonight and show you some photographs from our trip to Rouen.   Rouen is made particularly famous because of Joan of Arc.  It was one of the trips that we felt we had to do on our last European cruise.  It really was an amazing place, with a great deal of history.  This post is about our visit to the church of Sainte Jeanne d'Arc.

Let's start with a statue celebrating Joan.


The statue really is very beautiful.   It is hard to describe the serenity on the face of the statue.  It's also quite tall, and the flowers provide a beautiful frame to this amazing statue.  It is  my assumption that the flowers are meant as a homage to the flames that consumed Joan.  However, the flowers almost seem to represent her passage to heaven.  It really is incredible.

The next photograph shows the plaque that commemorates the place where she was burned at the stake.

Joanofarc (1)

Here's a close-up of the face.

Joanofarc (2)

 The windows in the church are beautiful.  They are an amalgamation of some of the original 16th century stained glass panels that occupied a previous church, destroyed in WWII.

Joanofarc (3)

The church itself is fascinating.  The inside is designed to look like the hull of a ship.  Or an upturned viking ship.  It's just astonishing.  No photograph I took could really do the ceiling justice.

Joanofarc (4)

One of the things that really caught my eye.... the windows on the side opposite the stained glass windows.  They are cut in the shape of a fish and then covered with stretched canvas.  Absolutely fascinating.  Inside the church is very plain.  It was restful, peaceful and so unlike most European churches.  The interior was really left plain for you to appreciate the roof and the windows.

Joanofarc (6)

Our visit to Rouen came on the heels of our visit to Giverny.  All round it was, without a doubt, the most amazing day.  On our way back to the ship, we were blessed with the most astonishing sunset.  I couldn't help but share this picture with you.

Joanofarc (7)

I hope you enjoyed the little trip to Rouen.  If you ever get the chance, you really need to see it.

I will be back tomorrow with the Paper Players challenge card.  We have a great challenge for you tomorrow!

Prayers to those of you who need a little lift, or a warm hug.




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Johanna Beebe

St. Joan of Arc is my patron saint. I so
enjoyed the virtual trip as I had never seen Rouen.This was very meaningful to me. Thanks for

Jeanne Henson

Jaydee - your photography is wonderful. And the places you go are so intersting. Thanks for sharing.

Linda Rodgers

Your post was timely. I just watched an old Joan of Arc movie on TV last night. Lovely to see her statue. I surely wish I could see the church ceiling. I love unusual architecture.


Thank You Jaydee, I love seeing the world through your camera lens. You've shown me places I didn't even know exsisted and have extended my dream destination list multiple times!
Have a wonderful weekend, I hope you take a little time for yourself~you fully deserve it.
Happy Peaceful weekend to One & All.


I truly love it when you post a virtual trip for us. Gorgeous photos. I would love to travel there some day.

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