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23 May 2011


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Patricia Phipps

Love the card, going to get this set after seeing yours. Love the pics of the birds. Yesterday the sparrows were feeding the young but they look as big as parents. My iris's are starting to bloom and the Swedish Broom bush is in full bloom.


Very pretty and I love everything about the card.
Have a great day!


Everything seems to break at the same time! How fun is it to shop for new things for the house. I bet you will love your new stove.

Your card is stunning. I have put off buying this stamp but now I must have it. I will CAS and use my new Copics which have been sitting for too long. How did you make that lovely dry embossing?

Glad your weather has cleared enough for some outside time. I just love this time of year-so conducive too just sitting on the deck and relaxing! Enjoy it before the heat comes.


We put an induction cooktop in our remodeled kitchen 15 years ago--they said it was way ahead of the time. Loved it!! It was smooth top so very easy to clean spills, and stayed cool. But it was as responsive as a gas stove, instantly hot when turned on, or off. And it used the Le Creuset pots and pans we already had. We moved a year or two later, and now have a "fancy" gas one that came in this house. It is a pain to clean, the gas sound bothers me, and it stays hot--even the very edge burned toddler gdd's finger long after turned off. Hope you love induction, too!


Oh my. This is one my favorite, ever, that you've done. Simply gorgeous.


What fabulous colors in this, Jaydee! That aqua reminds me of my new laundry room, lol. :oP

I think it was absolutely brilliant of you to snip the image and adhere it to the main image to give it depth. I never would have thought to do such a thing. You're always giving me such amazing ideas. :o)

The card is CAS, and yet, it has such wonderful things going on with design and texture. Well done in that limited amount of time--I never would have guessed you only had an hour to create it. It's wonderful. :o)

I look forward to your before and after pix--who *doesn't* love them?--especially as you are about a month behind us. Many of our spring flowers are dwindling now that the temps are hovering in the upper 80s to 90s (I REALLY don't care for summers here...:sigh:) with high humidity. UGH!

A new stove? REALLY? Holy mackerel, girlie! What a way to enjoy time with your sweetie...sheesh. I've heard induction stoves are amazing--let us know how it works out for you, okay? I'm extremely curious! :o)

My prayers join yours for those in Joplin and elsewhere dealing with natural disasters. How utterly devastating. :o(


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