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30 May 2011


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Beth Rigden

Cool card! That sounds like a tough challenge but you nailed it!


Very cool card. BTW, would you like to come and visit me for a few days? I've a few windows that could use your touch and also a basement that could really be a treasure trove for you! :0)


I think you absolutely NAILED it! What a tough card to come up with. Wow. I'd have been stumped for sure. I'm impressed!

Hooray for Spring Cleaning! I'm about to do some more, and some rearranging/redecorating as well as we have a man coming tomorrow to paint our main living areas. Hallelujah!!! I'm BEYOND chuffed! :o)

Would you please, PRETTY PLEASE, post photos of those peonies? I so adore them and their utterly delicious fragrance, but can't seem to grow them. :o(

Hugs and prayers to all. :o)

Lynn Hayes

Oh Jaydee...this is fabulous!! Love the "girly" look for this too. But I'm still laughing because I just got through pre-posting a card for tomorrow using the same image!!! And uck - I like yours SO MUCH BETTER!!!! It's great.

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