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20 May 2011


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Love the bright *Hello* my friend card. Really pretty and would brighten anyones day. Hope you had a wonderful weekend and it sure was pretty in Ohio, now waiting on thunderstorms to come through, but shouldn't be around long. I need to walk this morning, but if they stay for a while, then *time out* : )
Thanks for sharing Jaydee.

Beth Rigden

Stunning card! I love it!

Kelly Wentling

What a cheery card you made Jaydee! It is just beautiful. How do you make the white scallop border so thin? So unique.

Love your photo of the finches. It is almost as if they inspired your color combo tonight! How awesome to have a photo with two side by side. I sure hope you scrapbook these lovely photos you share with us. They are more than worthy of a special book!

What a sweet story. So good to hear a happy ending these days. Loved how he wanted "to finish the chapter".


I ADORE Daffy Delight! This card is so stinkin' cheery and happy! I really like the way you used the scallop border punch on the white, but then used nothing but the top, making it look like the pearls are just bouncing across the card. It makes me smile. :o)

Speaking of making me smile--those goldfinches are such a happy sight! I really think we're going to have to invest in a fountain during next spring's yard/garden work. I'm sure the birdies will LOVE it. I haven't seen my goldfinches lately (I can't help but wonder if they've been stuffing their gullets with the 13 year cicadas we've been besieged with), BUT, we've had an influx of Eastern Bluebirds in the neighborhood--many of them visiting our backyard! Woo hoo!

I hope Lou made it home safely and that you two enjoy a beautiful time in your gardens. :o)

Thanks for the head's up on that malware. I actually ran virus scan just yesterday because I had something weird happen. All was well, but it was still strange.

Oh, and that article was wonderful and really made me smile--thanks!


Nance Leedy (Canopy Crafts)

I LOVE this Jaydee! Love the daffodil with silver and a pop of black. Perfectly elegant and classy. ADORE it, really! ((hugs))

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