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Masculine Week Day 6 - Thinking of You - This One's for Lou!

Hi Everyone.  Happy Sunday night.

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend.  I have had a very relaxing, but busy weekend.  I did get a little stamping in, so I will have cards for you this week!

I also managed to spend a little time in the garden.  I can't believe how quickly everything is growing.  As my darling hubby is away for a couple of weeks, he is missing just how things are moving along.  Consequently, I took a couple of pictures whilst sitting on the deck drinking tea this afternoon.  I thought he might appreciate them.

Before I show you the last of the Masculine Week cards, let's take a look at a couple of pics from the garden.

I've been hoping to catch this pic:

Oriole at the jelly

I also couldn't resist taking this picture.  Our Crab Apple tree is in full blossom and the plants underneath are really starting to come in.  I thought the whole vignette was serene and calming.


 And lastly, who could resist this.  It was one of the sweetest and most amazing things I've seen recently.  A hummingbird taking a bath!  It's not the best pic... these things move fast - even when they are bathing!  But here she was, grabbing on to the side of the fountain, having a bath!

Carbapple (1)

Now.... I thought you might actually like to see the card!   Lou, this one is for you.... we are all thinking of you and missing you.


Don't forget, you still have one more day to comment on this trivia question post. 

I have so enjoyed reading your answers.  I mean, I always knew that you were a creative bunch, and I should have just known that you were all smart - and funny!!!.  I can't wait to choose a couple of winners and post their names up on Tuesday.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone.  As always, thank you for visiting my blog you know I appreciate it - and I appreciate your comments.

Prayers for those who need a little lift or a warm hug




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Kelly Wentling

Just found your blog not too long ago. I love your side notes about animals and gardens. I've enjoyed your beautiful pics too. How unique to get a pic of a hummer bathing! I am in awe. I've just got to get a fountain now!! I feed the birds and had a bird bath until it cracked and broke. I must add a water feature to see what I can bring to my yard. It is difficult with a laborador retriver that likes to jump and catch one in mid air but worth trying. He is not out all day, so rooting for the birds. Don't get me wrong, I love my labs (I have two) but just don't want them killing anything. One of them has a real strong hunting instinct.
Your crab apple tree is picture perfect. Keep the pics coming as well as your beautiful inspiration. I've enjoyed your manly cards this past week. The card today is very calm and serene. Hope Lou enjoys it! Blessings for a great week.

Linda Rodgers

Jaydee, your pictures are wonderful! The colourful oriole and the delightful and unexpected hummingbird (no, I've never seen one bathing)were real trests. But that tree--I can imagine the scent in the air. Thank you very much for taking the time and effort, first of all to take the pictures, and then, to share them with us. They're really a day brightener for me.

Linda Rodgers

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I'm very partial to the Buddha under the tree, having seen, literally, at least a million in my time in Thailand and when visiting Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

DH (Lou)

This is a fantastic it....thank for making it for me.....its perfect.
The photo's are just brilliant, I cant believe how much the garden has changed is just a week....The best thing we did for the birds was put in that fountain...what a difference its
Yes I miss you as well...very much....cant wait to get home at the end of the week and sit on the deck with you and have a nice cup of tea.....ha bliss...


Love your bird photos. I'm envious! Beautiful card for Lou.

Marsha Edwards

Thanks for sharing your garden/bird pics. It looks like a beautiful place to sit & enjoy. Love your masculine cards. Off to look at more & start casing. Thanks again.


That hummingbird picture is amazing! We put out our oriole feeder after your pictures from last week and were blessed to have them feeding over the weekend. On the way to Green Bay we saw Sandhill Cranes and turkey and even some pelicans in the Green Bay area. Have a happy week!

Beth Rigden

Your pictures are fantastic and of course your card is too! It is cold and rainy here in Ohio today and your pictures warmed me up!
I did comment on your elephant post, but do not see it when I go there to read other comments. Hmm, not sure what happened!


Oh, the birds! Oh oh oh!! :o) That little hummer is just darling at her bath, and the oriole? Stunning. The crab apple tree is spectacular, and it really is a fairy wonderland there. :o) I love that you are about a month or so behind me, so I get to enjoy the beauty and rebirth of spring twice. :o)

Oh dear. I'm so sorry Lou has to be traveling yet again. :sigh: The card is wonderful. I love the colors and the vignette--especially that cutie chipmunk. :o)

I hope all is well with everyone.


Patricia Phipps

love the pictures. Here in Mass. my crabapple tree has bloomed and on the downside also Japanese Cherry. We feed the birds year round and so enjoy the cardinals and mates against the snow. We put our christmas tree out after holiday and my husband throws seed into it and the little birds love it and also hunkerdown in it for cover, it stays green all winter. Thanks for your many lovely cards and comments, I enjoy.

Anne Marie Hile

Oh Jaydee, your photos are sooooo beautiful! That picture of the hummingbird taking a bath is so sweet. How lucky you were to catch that shot. Those little guys are so quick! What a great card, too! Have a great day today! :)

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