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Hi Everyone. Happy Saturday night. I hope you are all having a great weekend so far. Tonight's card was created using the fabulous sketch from Lesley. I really sat for a long time pondering how I was going to make this sketch clean and simple. My original route was much less simple, but, you all know me..... I am always drawn to making a sketch clean and simple if I can. Here's Lesley's sketch: Isn't that a cool sketch? So, I guess you would like to see what I did with it? Well, your wish is my command! I used... Read more →

Hi Everyone. Happy Friday Night. I dedicate this card to my dear friend Brenda.... you are indeed a gem! Thank you for your friendship, for caring, for allowing me to share your family.....and... finally... for just being you! So..... I'm a girl who grew up in the 60's..... yes, for you youngsters out there.... the 60's :-) and I remember - very well - flock wallpaper. Imagine my surprise when I went into my local crafting store and found that they were selling FLOCK powder. Seriously! Flock Powder! When did that come back into fashion? Obviously I wasn't looking and... Read more →

Hi Everyone. Happy Wednesday night Don't forget - blog candy alert... my post last night has all the details. You have the chance of winning some bling, or a roll of brand new ribbon from the 2011/2012 catty. Check out this link here. I've really enjoyed reading the stories of the teachers that inspired you with life long passions - or even changed your careers. Can't wait to read what the rest of you have to say. And.... carry on guessing which cute young thing in that old scungy photo is me! On to tonight's card. I don't know... sometimes... Read more →

Hi Everyone. Happy Tuesday night. Happy 1st day of summer! Yes, it's the summer solstice. Aren't I supposed be covered in wode, in a long flowing hemp or linen dress camped out at Stonehenge? :-) Nah... not this year, maybe I will just sit here and enjoy typing up my blog post and celebrating the official start of summer a little differently!!! I made tonight's card using the Paper Players CAS sketch from our challenge this week. The Players realized that this is our 52nd sketch! So, not only are we celebrating the first official day of summer - but... Read more →

Happy 90th Birthday, Momma Rose - and we have a winner

Hi Everyone. Happy Monday! Firstly, I would like to say happy, happy, happy birthday to Momma Rose. Rose turns 90 today and we are so grateful to be able to share this wonderful day with her. I just wish that we had been in England to share in the joy in person. She spent the day surrounded by her family and lots and lots of love! Now, I would like to thank all of you who participated in my drive to reach 5,000 comments! I can't tell you how much fun I had reading all of them. You took Lou... Read more →