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Hi Everyone.  Happy Wednesday night.

Sorry I missed my blog post last night.  I had dinner with the wonderful Bethany, Brenda and Cherie last night and when I got back my leg was really swollen and I needed to spend some time elevating it and getting the swelling down.  By the time it was stabilizing, I realized I had missed the deadline for feedburner!

However, I do have several things to share with you tonight to make up for it.  :-)

Firstly, a fabulous new addition to the mini catalog.  I love doing altered 3D items, but so rarely actually get to do them.  SU gave us the perfect opportunity in one of the make and takes.  

In the new Holiday mini is a Card Keeper Box.  It's fabulous.  Very sturdy and easy to alter to personalize it and jazz it up.  SU provided us with all the goodies that we would need and it was just a case of sitting down and following the instructions once I got back.  I didn't want to make it in SLC because I wanted to make sure that it didn't get damaged on my way back.

Here's the finished project

Card box 1

Isn't that fabulous?  The fabric is from the Timeless Portrait Designer Fabric selection and was used to cover just the box top.  Let's take a closeup of that fabulous flower on top of the lid.

Card box lid

Isn't that gorgeous???  I mean, seriously!  It's totally OTT and just wonderful.  The multiple layers, textures, bling, colors, etc. LOVE IT!  I had such fun making it.  I think that they make a fabulous gift for a friend... or yourself :-)

I have to share this fabulous sneak peek with you.  There is a new stocking die in the holiday mini... LOVE it.. along with some fabulous mini jingle bells.  Here's one of the samples made by the very talented creative crew at SU. 


Isn't that fabulous?  See the little jingle bells that they have made into a wreath?  Absolutely love it.

Then... I really wanted to share with you this gorgeous Christmas box.  The materials for this box (a $40 value) are available to you as an added bonus to the fabulous price on the Starter Kit.  The price of the starter kit is currently $99!  Yep... $99 dollars.  A steal all on it's own.  But, if you join in July - you also get the materials you need to make this very special - and absolutely GORGEOUS box.  I had to take a picture of it because it's so beautiful

Christmas box

Isn't that a wonderful keepsake for Christmas?  No photograph I took really did it justice.  It really is a stunning piece of crafting. 

Take a look at the details on the starter kit, and this fabulous freebie you can earn by joining in July -by clicking this link.  Whether you are thinking about joining up as a way to provide additional income for your household, or just a way to get great discounts - now certainly is the time to do it.  Speak to your demonstrator about this great offer.  If you don't have a demo, I would be very happy to answer any questions you have.  

Also.... if you signed up under me in July... I'd get one of these fabulous boxes, too - and you would make me very happy :-)

Lastly, I  wanted  to share with you some of the individual cards that caught my eye as I whizzed around the display boards.  I will be posting these to my mobile me gallery tomorrow night so that you can view them at your leisure, along with the other postings I did.  So, check back tomorrow for more inspirational ideas.

On a personal note:

My leg is the most gorgeous color of... well... So Saffron, Pear Pizzazz.  Still lots of Rich Razzleberry and the occasional Wisteria Wonder and Concord Crush.    It honestly looks as though I have a tattoo that extends from above my knee all the way to my toes.  The only reason you realize it isn't a tattoo.... it's really pretty ugly.  When I went to the Doctor she said.. OK.. so what do we have.  I said... well my leg is a bit of a mess.  I then raised my trouser leg.  Her response?  Well... you know, that's the most accurate description of a condition I have heard in a while.  It really IS a mess!  Funny.... yep... really funny :-) Actually she was great!  So... that's the update on my leg :-)

The pussycats certainly missed us whilst we were away.  Little Charlie, who is maturing beautifully, really missed me.  He is my constant companion throughout the day, so was getting pretty lonely.  I was making my Make and Takes on Sunday afternoon, when he decided it was time to come and distract me with a little lovin'... a little purrin' and a little paddin'.  

Someone missed me!

Yep... didn't get much done for about 10 minutes!  He played with my snail.  He played with my card, he pushed papers around... anything to show me that he was being really very helpful and he couldn't understand why I had left him!  Isn't he one lucky cat?  Considering Lou found him abandoned in a corn field miles from town just before the cold weather set in last year? 

Well, that's enough for tonight, I think!  As always, thank you so much for your visit - and your comments, they mean a great deal to me.

Warm hugs and prayers for those who need a lift tonight.

Have a fabulous Thursday




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Love the card box and isn't it fun to put together 3-D items? Oh now they come out with a stocking die as I have cut my own for years to make gift card holders.
Hey, I am getting one of those Christmas boxes...yeppers *me* YAY! Thanks Crystal!
That is one lucky puddy cat! Maybe he wants some diamonds on him *wink*
Thanks for sharing and yes I missed you yesterday, but glad to hear that you had a great time and then got some rest. We are in New York as I speak . . . couple more hours and we will be at Niagara Falls! YAY!
Have a great day!

Kelly Wentling

Stunning box Jaydee! Love that black and white fabric and the pop of red on top. Beautiful flower. Thanks for sharing.

Continued prayers for healing to you. So glad to hear you made it through convention and are slowly on the mend. It will take time. What a fall you had!

Beautiful kitty and a happy little helper. Love to have my animal companions at my side when crafting too!


I laughed when I saw that picture of Charlie. SO helpful! He is indeed one lucky puddy-tat, and so handsome.

I did miss your post last night, but I'm really glad that you were doing what you were supposed to do instead. Keep on taking care, Jaydee.

Lynn Hayes

Wonderful projects. Love the card keeper box with that fabulous flower too.
I know all the cats were probably so glad to have you home! Glad the leg seems to be doing a little better anyway...guess it'll just take time - and elevation!


The new products are fabulous! Thank you for posting them for us. :o)

I like your doc. What a funny lady. :oP I'm sorry the leg is all sorts of rainbow, but glad you're healing.

As for Charlie, you know, I just *knew* he was going to wind up living with you when Lou brought him home. :o) He is indeed one lucky kitty-boy--and YOU are lucky to have him too. :o) I mean, how in the world would you get anything done without him??

Hugs and prayers for those in need.

P.S. Hi Lou! :o)

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