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08 July 2011


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The putzy cherry really makes the greeting pop, but it also confirms my belief that you are slightly insane. Love you my dear!


This bowl of cherries was the reason I wanted that stamp set. I'm rather "meh" about the other two stamps, but these cherries. Ah, how cheery they are. :o) I love the one dotting the "i", and had you not mentioned the miscolored leaves, I never would have noticed. :oP

The CE is always such a great touch, and one I always forget to use. :shakes head:

That Bailey is one boneless kitty. :o) What a love bug. How is it animals can always find the softest places in the house?!? Waylen was the same way...

Hi Lou! Hope all is well with you!

Thanks for the prayers and kind thoughts, Jaydee. You are too sweet and thoughtful for words.



Love your card & your cute & cuddly cat picture! He looks like he is begging with his front paws...the back paws..sorta like he is hangin' ten! lol Beth

Christy Q

So cute!! both your card and Bailey. I love the way you accented the "i" in the sentiment, Jaydee! And Bailey is just adorable... it always amazes me how our companions can sleep in the funniest positions and yet still be "comfortable."


What a sweet picture of Bailey!


Jaydee you are just so clever...luv the cherry for the dot and you tell us you have an awful time deciding....whew wish I had your problems when making cards. They would probably come together more quickly.
Love the colors and the card in whole! Thanks for sharing with us.
we are returning home as I speak...in NC right now.

Kelly Wentling

Hi Jaydee!
Your card is delicious! I also love the real red with marina mist and wouldn't think to put those two together. And I wouldn't have noticed your marker "mix up" had you not pointed that one out. Oh, I hate when that happens. : ) How fancy with your cherry on the greeting, so clever.

Your Bailey is a funny kitty. Love your pics, they put a smile on my face.

Have a blessed weekend!

Jan Adams

Hi Jaydee, Love your card and the colour combination, mmmmmmm yummy cherries, love 'em!
Oh what a different pose on Bailey, he must be comfortable or else he would not be lying/sitting like that! He is a gorgeous looking fellow, makes my Mickey look like a typical alley cat! Have a lovely weekend.
Jan x


I'll bet Bailey would deny that's a picture of him, or if he could talk, he'd said you put him in that ridiculously undignified position! But he's as cute as your cherry on top! I love your card, and now am falling for those two sets. . . !


This is gorgeous! I've never used Marina Mist and Real Red together, but I think I need to now.

And seriously, if you keep posting pictures of that beautiful Bailey I am going to have to come and pet him. :) He is just amazing.

Lauri Ingram

Hi Jaydee! Love your little putzy cherry! It really makes the card!! and your cat is a riot!!!

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