Convention Update with Display Board Photos and a couple of personal photos
3D with Jaydee - Card Keeper Box - Sneak Peek & some favorite projects from convention

More Convention Photos, a few more Vacation Photos, and a Photo for Rach

Hi Everyone.  Happy Monday night.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday.... one where the weather is comfortable... kind of like Goldilocks... not too cold, not too hot and certainly not humid!  Here..  well... let's just say that this little Goldilocks isn't too happy with the weather!  5 inches of rain on Friday has really increased the humidity levels.  It is currently (at 7.30pm) 95 degrees with a heat indices at around 104.  Yikes. give me the cold anytime.  BUT... the world sure does look pretty outside :-)

I promised to share some more display board photographs with you.  I have one more update after tonight.  I will share some of the pics and projects that took my fancy as I was quickly snapping the display boards. 

You can find the new display boards RIGHT HERE.  If you missed the ones from last night you can click here.

Now... I will share some more travel pics with you.  I really, honestly, can't believe how gorgeous this area is.  Missy, you are so lucky to have this on your doorstep!

This pic was taken from our balcony.  I thought the three different evergreens all together like this were just amazing.  So textural and architectural - and well, just perfect!


The next shot is of the stream that ran right past our room.  As Utah had 400 inches of snow this winter.. there is a tremendous amount of snow melt going on.  I cannot begin to describe the sound this water made.  It really sounded like 4 GE airplane engines gunning to take off.  It was so incredibly loud that we almost didn't sleep the first night. 

Babling brook

As we came up on the ski lift and looked to the left - here was this amazing site.  No picture I took could adequately even begin to capture how breathtaking, and how vast, this vista was.  It looks like the top of the world!

Top of the world

Well, that's what we thought... until we saw this a few feet further on.

No... this is the top of the world (1)

What do you think of that?????  We were awestruck.  Gobsmacked.  Whatever you want to call it in your local colloquialism.... it was STUNNING!  No wonder we did this ride twice!

On a personal note. 

For those of you interested in my leg :-)  I did visit with the Dr today.  Doesn't look as though there is a break or a DVT.  It does look as though there is a torn meniscus and maybe ligament damage.  Neither can be confirmed until they do an MRI.  They won't do that until the swelling and brusing have gone down.  So, for the next two weeks, it's rest, compression and elevation of the leg.  I'll give you an update in a couple of weeks if anything changes.  Thank you to all of you who have expressed concern.

I want to finish with one final photograph tonight.  Rach... this is for you my friend.  You know I am thinking about you and will be thinking about you even more tomorrow.  On Tuesday I was looking at this amazing place called Sundance and remarking on how magical, serene and what amazing energy surrounds it and how you, B, the girls - and Hannah - would have loved it.  I came around the corner.. and what did I see?  A little bit of butterfly magic.  Big hugs, my friend.

For rach




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Jaydee where are you? I haven't gotten a report in from you today .... we are on the road again this evening and heading to the Niagara Falls! Hope you are feeling better and getting around better . . . hope you are resting too!


Beautiful photos. I am so glad you got out of the city and into the wild. We spent some time, many years ago, in this area. I had forgotten how beautiful the area is.

Sorry to hear about the knee. Forced rest is hard. Be good to yourself. How about a good book?

Beth Rigden

What awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing them. I hope your leg heals as you rest. Keep us posted! You know, you can stamp sitting down- with your leg elevated...
I will look at the convention pictures as soon as I can. Thanks!


WOW, yes very indeed breathtaking...oh I can't wait to get out that way on vacation and do a lot of roaming. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures with us and you always have just the right words for all the pictures you take .... are you scraping these?
Glad to hear you went to doc and he said some bed rest...are you listening? Do I need to come out and play nurse? : )
Have a great day.


Beautiful photos! So glad you went to the doctor. A bag of frozen corn or peas works on swollen areas. Mind what the doc said, now, ok?


Jaydee, your photos and descriptions yesterday and today have me evergreen tree green with envy. I've been to a convention in Salt Lake City, but not ventured outside the city. Boy, did I miss the best part!

I'm so glad you've finally got to the doctor. How you managed that trip, I'll never know. Here's hoping the rest et al. will work wonders for your poor leg.


You bring me to tears--in a good way. Thank you. The photo is utterly perfect. :o)

The rest of the photos are stunning. Brien and I would LOVE to get out that way and have free rein with our cameras. :o) You captured the beauty so eloquently with your photos, and yes, I too was gobsmacked (a most apt description).

I could *hear* that stream rushing by as soon as I saw it. But, your description surely helped. :o)

I'm so glad you have seen a doctor about that leg. I'm also SO glad you don't have a DVT--that is SUCH a relief. I am however quite concerned about the possibility of knee damage. My prayers for you for quick healing. You do what the doctor says. Lou, hold her to it!


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