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Easy Events - Love

Easy Events - Easy Tags and more convention projects for your inspiration

Hi Everyone.  Happy Thursday night.  Personally, I am so glad tomorrow is Friday!

In my posts last night, I promised to give you a link to some cards and projects that caught my eye as I was trying to capture some of the displays and boards for your inspiration.

Here's a link to some that did just that.  You can click right here to go to my mobile me library to save you having to wait for the pics to download on my page.  Doing it this way makes it much faster for my page to load, and it gives me the opportunity to share more projects and cards with you.

In addition to the projects above, I have make and take we did to share with you. 

When I saw the Easy Events set in the new 2011/2012 catty, I thought.... nah!  not for me.  So, you can imagine how disappointed I was to discover it was a set we were getting at convention!  Well, it was another one of those OH!  I See moments.  We made these wonderful little tags and I fell completely in love with this set.  I thought they made a great hostess gift, friend gift, etc. and you can use many of the stamps to create very different tags.

Easy events tag1

So, let's take a look at the 4 tags so you can see the color differences.

Easy events tag2

Aren't they fabulous?  Here's the deets:

  • You can see that the card stock is Naturals White
  • The flower colors:  Pool Party, Island Indigo, Wisteria Wonder, Calypso Coral
  • We used the Itty Bitty Punches to create 1) the hole at the top, 2) the flower centers
  • The new white baker's twine was used at the bottom of the tags and to tie the ribbon
  • Of course, the flowers wouldn't be "finished" without a little bling!

Here's a pic of the Easy Events set, so you can get an idea of some other tags you could create

  Screen shot 2011-07-21 at 6.46.03 PM
Aren't they cute?  I'll have a couple more projects to share with you over the next few days using this same set.  In the end, I was very pleased it was a set that we were given, as I really wouldn't have bought it... but LOVED the projects we made with it.

On a personal note:

It's been a very long week since I got back from convention... work has been frantic - it's amazing that just 5 days away can cause such a backlog and chaos.  Luckily I had my time away, as it really has helped me keep relatively calm!  I am itching to get to some stamping and to do something creative though.  Withdrawal symptoms are fairly entrenched right now.

Today... the weather was a little cooler for us.  I know it's coming your way on the East Coast.  It is currently 83 with only 37% humidity!  I swear, it feels almost cold after the high 90s and humidity in the high 80s... pushing the heat index up to near 110.  I know Brenda loves the heat... but me... I hate it. 

However, one good thing.... as I am working in the family room, on the chaise lounge, with my leg raised... I get a fabulous view of the fountain.  Sadly, I wasn't quick enough to get downstairs to my camera (I am a little incapacitated in the speed department :-)...) and missed some fabulous photographs of the hummer taking a plunge bath, two flickers taking a bath and a pair of teenage grackles taking advantage of their very hot - and very wet parents!  I am SO pleased we put in the fountain.  In fact, it has been such a hit, that we are putting one at the front when we do landscaping out there next month, too!

Hugs and prayers for those of you who need a little lift tonight.  Many thanks for those of you who continue to send me good wishes on my recovery.   Lesley, thank you for the fabulous card!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone... thank you for your visit




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Beth Rigden

What a cute set of tags!
Thanks for the pictures from convention. Very inspiring!
Keep resting that leg! Have a wonderful weekend.
PS I am working on my cards to send to you for the troops!

Ann Schach

Aw...such cute tags! I can't wait to start/finish my make and take projects from Convention! I know what you mean about catching up! However, take care and rest your leg!


Those tags are so cute, but I still have a lot of stamp sets that are just about like that one . . . I want so many other things first.
Thanks for sharing a very cute idea
Keep getting that rest and you will be up and jumping for that camera in no time.
The heat is in excessive and really overwhelming in Niagara Falls, but that is not stopping us from having a great time.
Have a great day.


I love the new ruffled ribbon on the tags...gotta get me some of that!

Your fountain sounds like a never-ending source of delight and entertainment. I'm trying to picture a hummingbird bathing. Too cute.

Thanks for those pictures (a few days ago) of the aspen forest. I've never seen a forest completely made up of aspens. It took my breath away. So unique and perfect.

Hope your leg is down to pastel shades by now.

Lynn Hayes

Precious little tags! So cute and love all the different colors.
Glad some of the hummingbirds finally showed up your way...we still have a lot but not as many as we did a couple of months ago. Guess they'll all be gone pretty soon though. I did manage to catch a picture of a male oriole on one of the hummingbird feeders several weeks ago and will be posting it soon. It's so pretty.


You captured a number of FABULOUS projects. I think I would be overwhelmed by such creativity and beauty. You managed to select some real winners to highlight for us. Thank you, once more, for taking the time to find inspirational projects for us and upload them.

I always have a hard time settling back in to work after a break, but like you, agree the break makes it easier to face it.

I dearly wish we had managed to find a fountain to put in this year--I have a perfect location for it, and the birds could certainly use it given the heat and humidity we're dealing with. Blah.

I'm insanely jealous of your bird sightings--mine have lain low the past few days thanks to a pack of wild monkeys running and screeching through the backyard ;o)--and your cooler temps. I'm hiding out until it cools off once more.

I pray your leg continues to heal. Many hugs.

P.S. Hi Lou! :o)

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