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12 October 2011


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That is really cool and thanks for sharing. So I know what I am getting for Christmas right? just jokin' with ya!
Those would be pretty made with the Christmas Lodge Stamp set and use the lodge stamp, with a pretty red bow?
Glad to hear you are feeling better and there is a spare bedroom in this house for me...right?
Hugs to you and wishing you a great day.


I somehow KNEW you wouldn't be without wildlife--I just don't think either of you could survive without it, so I didn't much worry. :o) And, I'm delighted to hear Mama Rose is doing well. :o)

The coasters are such a nifty idea! I have made them using ceramic tiles and they make a lovely gift. But, they're harder to color since they're rather opaque so you can't do that nifty color behind thing.

I hope you two aren't too sore now that a couple of days have passed. Sometimes that's when the worst of the pain sets in...

Prayers for those in need and many hugs. :o)


Those are so fabulous! I've been wanting to do coasters for a while, but been too chicken to even attempt it. You make this look so easy! Andi

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