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30 October 2011


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Lynn Hayes

Sorry I hadn't been by lately!
LOVE all these fabulous projects. That little mummy is just so very cute...looks like he's aged for sure. And knitted hair or not, the monsters are adorable. Also that little "bat" card! GREAT!

Christy Q

Hi Jaydee - these are stinkin' cute! Love that bat one and the tissue tape is so clever! I must have been living under a rock since I never heard of the twill tape one.

All is well here - we survived the snowstorm here. 12" of snow when it was all said and done and loss of power on Saturday night. We're still waiting for the power to come back on but thankfully, we have a standby generator that is powering our house for now. We learned our lesson after being w/o power for almost a week during a really bad winter storm almost 2 years ago. So this is the first true test for our generator.

Jen W.

Thanks so much for choosing me as your Cut Above this week, Jaydee! I am so chuffed! :)

And I love that mummy!! Your spritzing is fantastic! And tell me - is that the biggest Hershey bar I've ever see or are those just really tiny drawers?


Jaydee, these are SO cute! Hannah could never do the creepy things (Lil sure can though!) so these would have been perfect for her. :o)

Why DO vacations just fly by? It doesn't seem fair somehow. Workdays crawl and vacation is over when you blink. Poo.

Enjoy the time you have left! :o)

Linda Rodgers

Your mummy paper reminds me of Eric Carle's illustrations, one of my favourite children's author/illustrators. His books are all made with collages of painted, spritzed tissue paper that he decorates himself.

Vacation time always flies by. No pressure, but if you can squeeze in a few photo-taking minutes as well as all your other planning and preparations, that would be great! ;-)

Beth Rigden

Such cute ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Anne Marie Hile

Super cute, Jaydee! I'm stopping by your house to trick or treat tomorrow! :)

Ann Schach

Cute to the max, Jaydee! I love them all!

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