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28 November 2011


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Tara Bilbao

This is such a soothing beautiful card. I love the colored pearls in the center of the flowers. It is just so lovely.

I also try and use muted or natural colors when making sympathy cards. The hardest part for me is deciding what to write inside.

Ruth Ann

Thank you for the recipes..I need to get out my cookbooks to convert the grams to oz.
The Sympathy Card was very attractive, the flowers help soften the card.
I try to make my cards, personnel for the friends receiving them.
Keep warm, cool temps tonight in Alabama!


What a stunning creation Jaydee! I adore the colours and wish I had bought that stamp.

Anne Marie Hile

I think this is a beautiful color choice for a sympathy card, jaydee. Like you, I like to celebrate the beauty of a life lived, although they are always difficult cards to make. You really created a beautiful card!

I am very intrigued by the Nut Roast and the Cheese and Onion Slice. I will check out the links as I am always excited to try out new foods. I did not know that you were a vegetarian. I would love to hear about more of your favorite recipes. Big hugs, friend! :)

Linda Rodgers

I love the colours of this card, Jaydee. They're soothing, but rich and classy with the gold accents. I haven't made many sympathy cards; with ones that I buy it's usually an appropriate sentiment that I'm looking for, more so than colour scheme. Now that I'm making cards, I'll be tailoring the card more to the individuals receiving the card.

Gosh, I've rewritten that paragraph several times, and I think the best I can come up with, as I think of different circumstances, different recipients, is "It all depends". Hmmm

Thanks for the effort to provide us with recipes. I've looked them up. I have to say that previously I would have passed them by, but now they sound really interesting and I want to try them. I think I may try that cheese/onion slice for my turn at hosting the book club next month.

Which reminds me of our talk about elephants (prompted by my mentioning book club, way-back-when). Did you ever receive the picture I sent by email of the painting I have over my piano, painted by Kamsan, an elephant near Chiang Mai, Thailand?


Beautiful as always Jaydee, I esp like how you've tucked the off center DSP behind the striped band. I would have left it out and then looked at it thinking something isn't quite right. Like the others I've never considered this color combo for a sympathy card. I like to use this set but I stick to the soft subtles, once again you've inspired me to step out of my comfort zone. I'm also going to marking this layout, so versatile. Thanks for the inspiration!
Have a great day One & All. :)

Ann Schach

Beautiful, Jaydee! I love Morning Mocha, and these two patterns were perfect for your sympathy card! So comforting and serene!

Kelly Wentling

Hi Jaydee! Beautiful card. It is hard making sympathy cards but the end product is always so nice to give. I like your earth tones. I usually pick my colors based on recipient and tie in with the person whose life I'm celebrating. A widow, I'd make a blue card with flowers, etc. But sometimes, it just depends on what my mood is for the day. As is with most of my cards.

It should be fun seeing your recipes and pictures. Thanks for sharing!


This Mocha DSP is so versatile. It really makes for a beautiful sympathy card. Close as a Memory has never looked so good.

I never have made a "brown" sympathy card. I love this and am going to try it! I usually go for black and white or purples and blues.

My husband was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes not to long ago. I yearn for the days of cooking meatless but alas now it is low carbs. The onion and cheese recipe looks wonderful. I an going to try it for lunch with girlfriends!


Such a pretty card Jaydee...that Mocha paper is the *tops* for so many different cards. I generally go with the black/creme or brown/creme colors, but then the concord crush/creme makes such a beautiful card, add just a little bit of a yellow (maybe a flower or butterfly) and I feel that it takes the pain away as they are admiring the card. Guess really shouldn't say pain, but maybe their thoughts can drift a little. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Susan G

I agree, sympathy cards are tough to make. It is a somber occasion, so you do not want all the bells and whistles. color is also important.
I think you did a fabulous job here!

Lynn Hayes

Wonderful sketch - and card! Love the Mocha DP too. So very pretty, Jaydee.


I find making sympathy cards a struggle sometimes and others, I find they soothe me knowing I'm putting pieces of my heart and love into those creations. I typically go for more soothing colors such as blues (Marina Mist for example) and greens, and it definitely depends upon the recipient.

Lesley's sketch did lend itself nicely to your card and the colors you chose are lovely. But, how could you possibly go wrong with Mocha Morning DSP? ;o)

Thank you so much for the recipes! I'm not a vegetarian but enjoy meatless meals at least once a week. It's tough to get protein in some days and these will really come in handy.

I had never really considered cheese and onion as a flavor combo until I visited the UK and got a cheese and onion pastie from Greg's. Oh my word. I decided that was all I was going to eat for the rest of my visit. :oP Well, that coupled with a custard slice or two. Hee hee.

Hugs and prayers for those in need.

P.S. Hi Lou! :o)

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