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29 November 2011


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Ruth Ann

I like the elegance of this card, thank you..
I also have Nutcrackers. I always wanted to get a "bar stool" nutcracker, when we lived in Germany. He was about 3 foot tall and you sat on his fur hat! But never did.
Our 3 daughters still put out shoes on Dec 5 to see if St Nicholas will leave them candy or coal..they are 45, 44, and 42!


Are you channeling me, Jaydee? ;o) For us to not get snow isn't so odd, but for you, well, I definitely understand your need. And yes, it IS a need. :oP

Oh, your gorgeous, stunning, elegant, wonderful card. Silver. Sparkles. Snowflakes. Does it really need anything else? LOVE it!

I never really much thought about the geography of food until I got older. I was raised with parents from two distinct regions of the US. My father and his family cooked good old mountain fare (with some Southern flare thrown in for good measure) and my mom's cooking was Yankee through and through. I ate it all, though, without thought and enjoyed it very much. The problem came as I grew older and started cooking on my own. Southern/mountain gravy is quite different from Yankee gravy, and you should NEVER try to make gravy both ways. At the same time. Ever. Just sayin'. ;o)

And then, we visited the UK and there were all sorts of delightful and different foods. And then, there were the mushy peas. Wha...? Mushy. Peas. So very foreign to me, but Paul was rather delighted to have them once again.

It never occurred to me there would be anything different than that with which I grew up. Duh! There's a whole world out there, with LOADS of delightful (and maybe not so delightful) flavor combinations out there. :o)

Lou, so sorry about the custard slice thing...I'm drooling for one right now myself.

You know, I'm not sure I could say what my most favorite Christmas decorations are. I suppose the ones from my childhood that bring back such wonderful memories, and my snowmen. I do love my snowmen. Oh, and my Willow Tree Nativity. Drat, too many favorites. :o)

Doris D.

Beautiful card. My favorite Christmas ornament is not an ornament but 3 little clay pots made to look like Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in the manger. I put them on one of my kitchen window ledges and look at them every day. So sweet.

Sally A. Davis

I used to have a nutcracker collection. But 9 years ago when I moved to Florida, I sold them all. Now I am back in Ohio wishing I had some of them back. I can go to some of my friends houses though to see them. They bought some of them. Now I don't really have a favorite as I have cut back. No decorating done yet because I just got home from Iowa visiting my daughter for Thanksgiving and I have 3 classes to get ready for in the next few days so that decorating will have to wair until next week!


Beautiful Jaydee! My favorite ornament is a little bear that moves his arms and legs when you pull his string. I gave it to Mr Jensen one of our 1st Christmases together because he loves to leave 6'2" snow angels around town. Even now! You see Jaydee I'm not really a snow hater...I just like to delay it as long as possible since I know it'll be around for the next few months.
Have a Happy Hump Day one & All


Very nice clean and pretty card....you always hit the spot with your creations...when I grow up I want to be able to create like you : )
My favorite Christmas decoration is the tree top . . . it is as full star, but stars are cute out in it so they shine on the ceiling and I have all kinds of little stars : ) Sweet! Then I love my card holder that goes on the fireplace manual and it holds about 100 cards...love it.
Have a great day!

Linda Rodgers

I think my favourite decoration is a pair of kneeling, toddler angels. They were made for me years and years ago in a ceramics class (remember those?) by a neice. I felt so honoured that she had made something for me, and I still get that feeling each time I bring them out.

Sue O.

A very PEACEful card. . .so pretty.


Oh this is amazing Jaydee. Lucky you already have my address...hint, hint. Love the stamp and the strip of glimmer paper and the overall elegance of it! I am putting up my tree this weekend, we sure need some Christmas joy. You have inspired me.
Hugs my friend,

Anne Marie Hile

Jaydee, this is lovely! I love the softness of the colors and the clean design that you do so well, every time. Sounds like you had a good time decorating. We are (hopefully) decorating this coming weekend. My favorite decorations are the ornaments that I have had since I was a little girl. My Godmother bought me an ornament every year (and still does) since I was born. They reflect something special from that particular year. I always enjoy taking these ornaments out of their boxes and strolling down memory lane. Now that I have so many...and my hubby has his from his childhood, we do another "memory" tree just for these ornaments. Have a great night! Big hugs! :)

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