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17 December 2011


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Oh love it! That is adorable and thanks so much for sharing with us.
We finally got our first snow fall last night, just a dusting, you can still see some of the grass. Now a little bit more for Christmas Day and that will be fine and it can all melt away and stay away .... Your stories about Buzbee are so cute and funny, you have an imagination lady!
Have a great Sunday.


THAT BUZBEE IS TOO FUNNY! I love that he finally made it out to play in the snow-it was very pretty wasn't it. I haven't seen Mr J make his snow angel yet this year, I'll have to make sure he sees this photo so the elf doesn't show him up for long.
Thanks for sharing the cute Hershey's snowmen, what a cute last minute gift. One could even tuck cash or a gift card inside the wrapper so the snowman becomes the gift holder.
Have a wonderful Sunday One & All.


Those snowmen look rather familiar...;o) They are too adorable!

Lou, I'm SO glad you made it home in one piece and hope you are home until after Christmas. :o)

Lil was chuffed to see Buzbee out making a snow angel. Her first question was, "How did they get snow *inside*??" I had yet to read your explanation, you see. She was jealous you have snow and we don't. You see, it has snowed on her birthday the past two years. Alas, it's to be upper 50's Monday, so no such luck.

I hope dinner was divine!

Hugs to you both and pets to the fur babies!

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