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12 December 2011


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Amy Sheffer

WOW! Such a rich, elegant, and classy creation. Perfect for the angel image! Thanks for joining the CASE Study challenge, too. I'm honored to have partly inspired your gorgeous creation - thank you!


Super GORGEOUS!!! Thank you for playing CASE Study with us :)

Pat P.

Gorgeous card, looks maybe like a vintage card one might have received years ago when I was younger. I'm surprised Busbee hasn't found out how to unlock doors and play in the snow... Thanks for sharing, Happy Holidays!


I have to agree with the others, the card is rich and luscious and breath taking and I couldn't begin to case it. Thanks so much for sharing with us and love your little stories . . . was you like that when you were little? Making up all kinds of stories? : ) Have a great day!

Kelly Wentling

Hi Jaydee! Such a rich and elegant card! Your angel is breathtaking. I don't even need to look at your case card, your card is heaven!

Buzbee is such a character. What a funny little elf!

Lynn Hayes

Jaydee, this is just so rich and elegant looking! What a beautiful bow to go with this perfectly gorgeous card! So pretty.


Oh Buzbee! My first thought was...wow Jaydee's ceiling fan is really clean. I hope an elf never takes a ride on mine he'd be a dust bunny when he was done. I can't wait to show the kiddles tomorrow this latest Buzbee mischief, their giggles just may rival the ruckus you heard last night.
The card tonight is absolutely stunning, with that amazing ribbon and layers of gold. Will you be sending it the Queen or someone equally as regal?
Have a wonderful day One & All.


Rich and luscious. Yes, that's it. That is one decadent card. :o)

Oh my. Oh my oh my! Fisbee hasn't dared ride the ceiling fan yet--I'd best not let him see this lest he get some ideas!

Meanwhile, Lily finds it utterly hysterical. :o) Thank you for sharing your elf magic and Buzbee's antics. It's making our lead up to Christmas so delightful. :o)


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