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08 February 2012


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Michele Gross

Hi Jaydee,
I've just had a fun wander through your blog :) You do really nice work!


Yet another magnificent card - sooooooo lovely. I enjoy hearing about your house and your cats - it's like settling down with an old friend! Never stamped on canvas so am intigued by your card - hope to try it soon! Take care!

Ann Schach

Your canvas card is fabulous, Jaydee! I am ready to give it a go...so what specifically do I need to purchase??? And continued kitty prayers are headed your way until the furbabies are completely better!

Sally A. Davis

I too like everyone else love the stamping on canvas look. And I too wonder if you buy the canvas at the fabric store by the yard or what? Does it come in different thicknesses? Or perhaps it is the stuff that artists use that stretches over a frame. I am clueless as to what this actually is. More info please.

As far as the vaporizer goes, the whole time my kids were little we had drippy windows and walls from running the vapporizer. Glad that time is over. Wonder if moms still use that method for colds and stuffiness. Wishing a speedier recovery for the cat.


Have been thinking about you and all the stress of Merlin's illness. Glad for the update. Sounds pretty good. Spontaneously, I enrolled in Jennifer's on-line class and am reallly looking forward to it. TFS. Hugs to you and your kitties.

Pat P.

Jaydee, I love this card. Hopefully Merlin will get stronger each day. I too have a great vet and staff. We have taken in many ferrals over the years, neutered and spayed, and agreed to feed them for life. We now have 5 inside and 2 that go in and out. My vet, Dr. T. is a saint. She has spent many a late night visit and nights at the clinic caring for our loved cats. The oldest is now 13 yrs old. We provide food, water and a heated housing in the winter for Laverne.
When our cats have colds or sneezing, my vet has recommended a L-lisine natural herb found in all drugstores, crush pill and put in food, all can eat, we have found great results. One last thing we have done when not eating due to sickness, we have given baby food meats and has worked. Sorry for long post, good luck. PS they also have nose drops for cats.

Darlene G

I love your card, actually I love all your work. Would love to try the technique and win some canvas. I will be anxious to see the answers to all the above questions as I had the same ones. Hope Mr. Merlin gets well very soon.


Very lovely! I would like to give it a try...never heard of doing that ... imagine that. : )
So pretty!
Glad to hear that Merlin is doing better.
Gosh Lou hurry and get back home, we have to see how that house is coming along :)
Have a great day!

kelly Wentling

Hi Jaydee! Oh my, you've been through quite a bit lately. I can just picture poor little Merlin all wet from the sink and not too happy about it. That was a good idea to put him in his carrier and try the vapor. I sure hope he continues to heal and more importantly begins to eat for strength. Bless his heart!

Your card is amazing. I love ALL of your yellow cards, and that isn't even my favorite color! They just look so fresh to me. This canvas has beautiful texture. I have a stamping friend who has taken several classes with Jennifer. We don't live too far away from her. Small world, huh? Perhaps I should look into some of her online classes and start learning. I do have a simple question for you however. How do you attach the canvas to cardstock? I would think the weight of it would need something really strong. Well Jaydee, take care of yourself while you are nursing your kitties back to health. Prayers your way.


Bless you and your kind heart for all you have done for your sick cats! I love the card and emboss resist on canvas. I've never tried canvas, ans would love to win a sample!

Janine jess

Just love the card, Jaydee! I wanted to ask you how you buy your canvas, and where please? Thank you!


Beautiful card!

Sending lots of special kitty hugs & prayers out to Mr Merlin. Sounds like you have an incredible vet & staff. Sure hope the vapor helps his cold and his nose will unstuff. I've been there myself holding my dog in a steamy bathroom, sure lots of parents have done the same. Glad to hear that he seems to have some of his spunk back though. That is a good sign.

Michelle A

I'm in love with your card and I can't wait to try it. And I'm so sorry about Mr. Merlin!! I hope he improves soon!


That looks really neat and it's so fitting using the leafs on canvas. New technique to try...thanks for showing us. Where do you find it?


I really do love the look of the canvas. If you would be willing, I'd love to have a small sample to try. Then again, knowing me, I'd be too afraid of messing it up and then it would probably just sit there waiting for a "special occasion". That's how I work, you know. ;o)

Those colors are simply fabulous and this is a wonderful, cheerful card. :o)

Oh no, poor Merlin. I'm sure it is far far easier to get a small child to inhale vapor than a kitty. I don't envy you that. I've been very worried about Mr. Grump. Please continue to keep us posted. Oh, and aren't wonderful vets the best? I ADORE ours.

Lou, I think you had better hurry home as fast as you can...Eek!

Prayers for those in need and hugs!

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