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13 February 2012


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Black and white (or in this case, vanilla) makes such a classy card--I just love this.

I'm SO happy to see a photo of Mr. Merlin looking as well as he does. I was very worried about him. How are the other furbabies doing?

I can't wait to hear an update on the house--how exciting!



I love the card as well!! I love that stamp set.

Merlin sure does look good for 17 years old!! I'm not a "cat person" but i think he is very handsome. I'm glad he is doing better. It's so hard when your family member is not well.

I'm looking forward to your next post and the pictures of your new home! How exciting!!

Take care.


I love the black & white simplicity. Very classic! Great idea to just keep it the 2 colors.

So glad to see Mr Merlin looking good & back to his old habits. He is a very handsome boy. I have 2 little shih tzus that would really like him. That do love kitties. I think they see them as a type of dog though since they are similar in size to them. They love making a little hammock on the back of our couch downstairs also. It does seem to make a perfect hammock.

Marge Penley

What a beautiful cat for 17years old. He is certainly worth saving and the dollars.

Our boxer, Betty, is 13 which is old for a boxer but is really going down hill this week. She has to have help getting up and walking. Can't go outside to the bathroom so I clean up any mess. She is very alert, so we just can't put her down. She is not in pain. Oh the heartache of owning an animal.


Great card and love the colors you used ... Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear that Merlin is doing much better and yes, he looks so cozy there. Ya think he would share that spot with me?
Oh yes, I bet four weeks as really made a difference in the house and glad to hear that Lou is back home again.
Have a great day and can't wait to see the house pictures.

Ann Schach

Fabulous card, Jaydee! My PPA card for Thursday is black and vanilla too...with no other color. You know what they say about great minds!

And speaking of minds...I really don't know where my mind has been the past couple of years. In 1976, I owned two cats...Sara and...you guessed it, Merlin! It did not dawn on me until tonight, that our cats were named the same. I thought he looked wise, so I named him Merlin because I thought that was a "wise" name...and because I loved the King Arthur legends. And Sara will forever be one of the animal loves of my life...


I'm so glad he is doing well, Jaydee. He's a handsome boy. Love the card! You just can't go wrong with black and vanilla.

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