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16 February 2012


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Anne Marie Hile

What a gorgeous home, Jaydee! I am so happy for you and Lou. Lookig forward to seeing more photos of the progress. It really is coming along. I am also looking forward to all of the photos and stories you will have of the wildlife after you move in. I can only imagine!

I am really glad to hear the kitties are all doing well, also. Big hugs! :)

Lizzie Hernandez

It's a mansion to behold! And the windows - all those windows looking out onto nature & all it contains! It looks like something you'd find in the outskirts of England or on the moors of someplace exciting. I can see now why you both are so excited! The views alone are going to be simply amazing; I just know all the little creatures are waiting for you - you'll have to have an "open house" for them!

Beth Rigden

I have not a chance to comment too much lately-but so happy that your furbabies are better! Whew!
Your house looks fabulous!
We are still waiting for grandbaby Lucy to make her appearance. Hopefully soon!


Oh My Gosh...you must be so excited! I am enjoying your wonderful pictures. Totally jealous of the amazing views you will have. I would love it if our house backed up to wetlands. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog Jaydee!


Hi! So glad all the kitties are ok. Must be a relief! Your house looks great.


Hooray for clean bills of health for all three kitty boys. Whew! That is such a relief as there is something so dreadful about a sick furbaby.

Your house. Oh oh oh! Your house! It's GORGEOUS! I love the way it's nestled in there amongst all that lovely nature. I can't wait to see it next spring and summer when you are all settled in and you are surrounded by wildlife. This is so wonderful!

Many hugs to all!

P.S. Hi Lou!


Awe, so happy to hear that the furbabies are healthy. Makes a happy mom & day : )
Oh my the house is looking *grand* .... wow a huge one. You have my suite hidden somewhere in all those windows ... right? Love it and so happy for you!


Jaydee, your home is beautiful and I know that you both are so anxious to move but I can't wait to see what you do with the landscaping! You have a great eye for that so your love of animals shines through. So happy for your "babies"!

Marge Penley

I am doing a victory dance for the boys' health. That is really good news. Love the house pictures and can imagine you will have so much fun living there. Keep the pictures coming of cards, cats, and house look forward to them. Thanks too for your kind words, I needed them. Marge


Oh wow! You must be so excited. Your new home looks gorgeous. Good decision on the deck.

Ann R

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a little envious (not jealous, just envious). It's absolutely beautiful. I am so happy for you. Keep us posted. I enjoy living vicariously through others! :)

Christy Q

Gorgeous! Love it, Jaydee and it's smart to make the decisions about the deck and things like that now instead of later when it might cost more. Saves you time as well as you can just enjoy it all as time goes on. Love that you will be leaving as much as you can naturally - such a great thing to do for the environment and all the stormwater will have a place to go and infiltrate as part of the natural system and not run off and cause more problems down the road. The wildlife will love you guys!

So glad all three boys are healthy too!! What a relief for you! :)

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